Leslee and David Henson were strolling along Dixie Drive in Utah, when a woman late for work, driving over the speed limit and distracted by her texts ran into a car in front of her. The man in the car ahead instantly lost control of the vehicle and swerved into the married couple, killing David on the spot. Leslee barely survived.

Leslie Henson Family

She suffered a fractured neck and back, plus head trauma and underwent operations with a total of over 5,000 stitches in the skull to close the injuries.

Leslie Henson in hospital after car accident

The man who hit the couple, Fred, recalls:

“As I started down the road, I noticed a couple walking on the sidewalk. I took a glance in the rear-view mirror and saw this car coming up incredibly fast. And before I had a chance to even react to it, the car hit me from behind and knocked my car out of control, and the next thing I remember is heading towards the two walkers…”

“What I do remember vividly is the husband Dave pushing his wife, trying to get her out of my way. I ended up hitting both of them,” he recalls. “There’s a message that has to get out here, and the message is that things can happen in an instant, lives can be changed in an instant. Being distracted and not knowing what your doing is a major cause of those accidents that are occurring all over this country right now.” If we all take time to be a little more mindful about how what we’re doing affects others, we would see less and less senseless deaths occurring to innocent families.

Leslie states: “9 people a day die as a result of distracted driving. We get in our car, and we put on our seat belts… we should get in the car and turn off our cell phones. You could save a life.”

Moral: keep your focus on the road. Your phone is not worth someone’s life or health.

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