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No one thinks that they’re ever going to need an attorney until they do. If they have time, they might do some online research to come up with a phone number or two to call, but oftentimes, accident victims are panicked and don’t even know where to start. Research has shown that in certain industries, such as personal injury law, an instantly recognizable vanity number is one of the best ways to garner leads.

A Simple Solution to Client Lead Generation

1-800-Injured fits that bill. We are an attorney and medical referral service that connects accident victims with personal injury lawyers and doctors. In addition to providing a valued service to our clients, we dedicate a substantial portion of our budget towards marketing. It’s important to our business model that 1-800-Injured is prominent in any market that we operate in. We are now licensing our vanity number to qualified licensee law firms in various U.S. Markets. If you’re an attorney or you represent a law practice and you’re looking for an innovative way to generate new business for your firm, contact our office today.

Become a 1-800-Injured Licensee

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  • Are you a lawyer who’s looking to take their practice to the next level by expanding both your client bases and resources?
  • Do you want your firm to stand head and shoulders above the competition in your local market?
  • Find out how attaching your name to the 1-800-Injured brand can make your practice the go-to personal injury firm in your area.

What 1-800-Injured Can Do for You

1-800-Injured has developed marketing strategies that have propelled our attorney and medical referral service to the top of search engine rankings. We have a readily identifiable brand, which is synonymous with our toll-free number. The result is an enormous volume of inbound calls.

The Best 1-800 Vanity Number in the Industry

In the age of the internet, one might question the value of a 1-800 vanity phone number, but the truth of the matter is that our instantly recognizable brand works on many levels. In addition to it being a memorable phone number — which is important since no one is likely to remember a normal phone number in an accident — we have a highly effective internet marketing campaign. So when a potential client searches a common search phrase like “Car Accident Lawyer Miami,” for instance, is a site that’s at the top of their search results.

Join One of the Fastest Growing Networks in the Legal Industry

1-800-Injured has tested and proven its branding and advertising strategy in one of the most competitive legal markets in the country: the state of Florida. We are growing fast and are looking for attorneys and law firms to license our brand. If you are a personal injury attorney who is looking to increase inbound leads, expand your client base, and develop the reputation of your firm, we want to speak to you. Contact 1-800-Injured to discuss a successful future.

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