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No one thinks that they’re ever going to need an attorney until they do. If they have time, they might do some online research to come up with a phone number or two to call, but oftentimes, accident victims are panicked and don’t even know where to start. Research has shown that in certain industries, such as personal injury law, using an instantly recognizable vanity number is one of the best ways to generate leads to your business.

If you are looking for a great way to drive new and meaningful traffic to your personal injury law firm, contact the team at 1-800-Injured to learn about how you can benefit from licensing our vanity number. We can help you reach a new audience to capture new and valuable leads so you can offer your essential services to personal injury victims in your area.

A Simple Solution To Client Lead Generation

1-800-Injured fits that bill. We are an attorney and medical referral service that connects accident victims with personal injury lawyers and doctors. In addition to providing a valued service to our clients, we dedicate a substantial portion of our budget towards marketing. It’s important to our business model that 1-800-Injured is prominent in any market that we operate in. We are now licensing our vanity number to qualified licensee law firms in various U.S. Markets. If you’re an attorney or you represent a law practice, and you’re looking for an innovative way to generate new business for your firm, contact our office today.

What 1-800-Injured Can Do for You

1-800-Injured has developed marketing strategies that have propelled our attorney and medical referral service to the top of search engine rankings. We have a readily identifiable brand, which is synonymous with our toll-free number. The result is an enormous volume of inbound calls.


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Interested in Digital Traffic? Rent Space On The 1-800 Website

If your primary goal is new digital traffic, the 1-800-Injured platform can provide you with space on the 1800injured.care domain to reach web traffic, as well. When you are partnered with us for your digital lead generation needs, you can count on getting impressions from a number of cities across the United States that would otherwise require ongoing and intensive digital marketing strategies. Our legal partners benefit from our online authority and high-ranking search engine results to reach clients who are looking for their services.

Contact our team to discuss your goals for digital marketing and to learn more about the many personal injury law firms across the United States that have enjoyed remarkable boosts from using our trusted, high-traffic domain for their own benefit. You, too, could be connecting with a much wider audience of personal injury victims with this great opportunity. We focus aggressively on capturing traffic so you don’t have to.

The Best 1-800 Vanity Number in The Industry

In the age of the internet, one might question the value of a 1-800 vanity phone number, but the truth of the matter is that our instantly recognizable brand works on many levels. In addition to it being a memorable phone number — which is important since no one is likely to remember a normal phone number in an accident — we have a highly effective internet marketing campaign. So when a potential client searches a common search phrase like “Car Accident Lawyer Miami,” for instance, 1800injured.care is a site that’s at the top of their search results.

With the combination of our vanity number and web traffic, we are happy to offer our trusted law firm partners an opportunity to maximize their traffic and capture new and valuable leads. While many potential clients are moving towards digital-only searches, many others prefer to utilize 1-800 numbers, such as our memorable vanity number. When you are using the 1-800-Injured number and our web space for your law firm, you too will be able to connect with these clients and capture both audiences.

Join One of The Most Reliable Networks in The Legal Industry

1-800-Injured has routinely grown and expanded into new markets with high rates of success, and you can count on this growth to continue as we move into new cities and new target audiences. We are looking for attorneys and law firms to license our brand who want to reach new customers in your area who are in need of a personal injury lawyer. We can help you reach these new customers through licensing our vanity number as well as providing you with high-traffic space on your website, and we will be happy to work with you in order to determine the best possible combination of the two in order to give you a great boost.

If you are a personal injury attorney who is looking to increase inbound leads, expand your client base, and develop the reputation of your firm, we want to speak to you. Contact 1-800-Injured to discuss a successful future.