Tendon Rupture Orthopedic Surgery in Florida


Bicep Tendon Repairs

The biceps are the long muscles that run on the front of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow, and are central to much of the activity we carry out with our arms. These muscles are responsible for a lot of our arms’ abilities to lift, push, and carry. Damage to the muscles or underlying tendons can significantly impact our ability to perform most actions with our arms. 

Sore biceps are common after physical activity, but injuries are different from soreness and require medical attention. Ignoring a damaged bicep can lead to other problems stemming from this initial injury, and if ignored, could lead to even more treatment or care to mount a full recovery. One common problem that leads to bicep injuries is a bicep tendon rupture that will likely require orthopedic surgery to correct the problem.

Causes of Bicep Tendon Ruptures

There are two tendons that attach the bicep to the bones in your arm. One holds the bicep to the elbow, and the other holds it to the shoulder. One or both of these tendons can be stretched or torn in an injury, which is referred to as a rupture. This type of injury is both debilitating and extremely painful and is most often caused by an accident or overuse (as opposed to a condition or illness). Typically, these injuries are caused when the muscle is trying to contract against too much resistance, such as trying to catch a heavy falling object. When the bicep is flexed and forced to extend, it can cause the tendons to tear from either, or both, of their anchors and rupture.

Treating a Bicep Tendon Injury

If you suspect that you have injured your bicep and ruptured a tendon, see your doctor immediately. These types of injuries will not heal themselves, and ignoring them can lead to additional complications. 

A completely torn tendon will likely require surgery, although a partial tear may be able to heal with a combination of medication and physical therapy. Working with an experienced medical professional is the best way to identify the extent of the injury as well as the appropriate corrective measures. A surgical procedure can reattach the tendon to the bone with stitches or implants depending on the extent of the damage.

Risks Associated With Bicep Tendon Surgery

As with any surgery, there will be risks that you and your doctor will need to discuss to develop a plan to minimize potential issues. The main risks include infection, blood clotting or blood loss, nerve damage, or a failed surgery, but closely working with your doctor and closely following your care plan can help reduce or eliminate these risks and get you on the road to recovery. You can find a doctor near you by calling 1-800-Injured. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that can connect you with an experienced and certified professional in your area.