Pain management can refer to a few different treatment processes. The goal of pain management is to reduce pain caused by injury as much as possible, and to avoid further drastic treatment, such as surgery.

Many people who are injured in an accident go to physical therapy primarily to reduce or eliminate the pain caused by whiplash, disc herniation, fractures, and other injuries. Therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques are often able to help reduce a patient’s pain and avoid relying on pain medication. If after rest, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and safe medications you still have ongoing pain, you may have to perform an MRI to investigate the source of your pain. Depending on these outcomes, the doctor may determine that you qualify for a minimal invasive procedure to help better diagnose or treat your source of pain. The benefits of these procedures involve far less time for recovery compared to open procedures.

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One of the biggest challenges of coping with the aftermath of an accident is handling the pain. Whether you have a broken bone, a head injury, or even a laceration, you’re bound to feel the injury. The pain could be significant enough to be a constant reminder of your accident.

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The Importance of Pain Management After an Accident

After your accident, you have a long list of things to do. In the stress of the moment, you could forget about pain management. However, it’s crucial that you seek assistance from a management professional before the pain becomes unbearable. All of the following are benefits of pain management post-accident.

Live More Comfortably

Everyone deserves to live comfortably. But if you’re in pain, you’re not comfortable. By seeking a way to manage your pain, you take steps toward regaining comfort and improving your quality of life. No one deserves to live in pain on a regular basis. 

Get Back to Work

After your accident, your pain level could prevent you from returning to work. Even though your injury might not directly impact your work, your pain does. It’s important to find a way to manage your injury and get back to work pain-free.

Avoid Medication Overuse

In one South Florida pain clinic, 700 patients each day were given pain medication. All too often, accident victims are recommended to take pain pill after pain pill. Although this manages pain for the time being, it can lead to addiction, which causes more harm than good. While some medication is necessary, overmedicating causes addiction and substance dependency.

This is particularly true of opiate painkillers. For short-term use, they may be effective. But after months or years of relying on them, you could experience slower breathing, brain damage, and other significant health issues.

The right physician will find a balance of medication and other treatments. They will analyze the ways in which you can treat your pain and come up with an effective management strategy. 

Build Your Personal Injury Claim

Seeking guidance from a pain management professional is also a way to start building your personal injury claim. If you’re seeking compensation for pain and damages, you need to prove that you are experiencing pain. Your medical records could be used to prove your case.

They may also be used as evidence that you are doing everything in your power to have a full recovery. If you’re not attending doctor visits or listening to medical advice, you’re hurting your case. The court could decide you don’t have grounds for a successful personal injury claim. 

If you want a successful personal injury claim, you need to act quickly. Florida has a four-year statute of limitations on most cases involving negligence.

What are the Different Methods of Managing Pain?

Pain management comes in many forms. All of the following could be used to treat your pain:


One of the simplest pain relief methods is icing the injury. However, not all injuries benefit from ice. Generally, ice helps injuries that involve the swelling of a ligament, muscle, or tendon. 

Neck or Back Brace

In car accidents and slip and falls, neck and back injuries are common occurrences. By wearing a back or neck brace, you may be able to limit your pain. Doing so can also speed up your recovery period. If you do use a brace, it’s important to seek the advice of a physician. You still need to retain movement of your back or neck muscles. 


As mentioned above, medications tend to be overprescribed. That said, they are still key tools when it comes to pain management. Painkillers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatories all have the potential to reduce your pain and help you heal. 

Chiropractic Treatment

If your back or neck was misaligned in your accident, you could have chronic pain. A simple way to treat the problem is to visit an experienced chiropractor. They use different techniques to realign your spine and make you feel more comfortable. 

Massage Therapy

Although many people think of a massage as a procedure used to pamper, it is also a procedure used to reduce pain. If you experienced soft tissue injuries during your accident, massage therapy could relieve inflammation and encourage blood flow to your injured tissues.

Physical Therapy

Sometimes, the best way to reduce pain and encourage healing is to receive physical therapy. A therapist will examine you and determine the best way of regaining full control of your injured body parts. 


Also known as Radiofrequency Ablation, RFA assists patients who have chronic pain. The treatment involves an electrical current that heats up an area of nerve tissue. Usually, the result is a decrease in pain.

Steroid Injections

Under certain circumstances, epidural steroid injections can be used as pain management. They often treat inflammation in the leg, neck, arm, and back. 

Nerve Block Injections

By injecting an anesthetic near nerve/pain receptors that are believed to be the source of your pain, doctors are able to provide nearly immediate relief. By targeting specific nerves, doctors are able to prevent your brain from recognizing that certain parts of your body are in pain from damage. You can be comfortable while healing continues. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

By introducing platelet-rich plasma to wounded areas of the body, the healing process is accelerated. The platelets are usually injected into or near the damaged tissue.

How to Get the Help You Need

If you were involved in an accident, the first thing you need to do is get treated for your injury. But after that, the work is only just beginning. You need to find a way to handle the pain and move forward with your life.

To cope with your pain, you need to find the right pain management doctors. They will consider your injury and tell you more about your options for treating it. With the help of an experienced pain management specialist, you’ll find an effective way of managing your pain level.

There’s no way to go back in time and prevent the accident, nor is there a way to keep your injury from drastically changing your life. But there is a way in which you can live comfortably, and it only happens when you seek pain management after an accident.

What We Will Do for You

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