Spinal Nerve Blocks in Florida


If you or a loved one suffers from chronic back pain, you may already be aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to identify the root cause of the pain and devise a treatment plan for recovery. In instances of pain stemming from injuries or other issues that are related to the nerves in the spine, there are a variety of options including physical therapy or pain medication. However, there is the additional option of interventional nerve blocks to help alleviate pain.

Nerve blocks are minimally invasive treatments that involve an injection directly into the spine that delivers a local anesthetic to the affected nerves. The anesthetic functions by interrupting the signals being sent to the brain, including the pain signals, and can help to reduce pain and improve a patient’s range of motion. 

Types of Nerve Blocks

The spine is a complex system that houses nearly all of the nerves running from the brain to the rest of the body, meaning that there are a variety of different nerve blocks depending on the area of the spine that is in pain. These different options include the following:

Medial Branch Nerve Blocks

The spine is comprised of individual vertebrae that are connected by a series of joints known as facet joints. These facet joints facilitate bending and twisting in the spine, and they have medial branch nerves that allow each joint to communicate with the brain. Wear and tear on the facet joints can cause significant pain, but a nerve block in the medial branch nerves can interrupt the signals and help to effectively reduce or eliminate pain.

Root Nerve Blocks

All up and down the spine, there are countless entrance and exit points where nerves enter the arms, legs, and other parts of the body. Herniated discs or degenerative disc disease can lead to increased pressure on the roots of these nerves and cause widespread pain in the body. A nerve block at the roots can help to block the pain and alleviate the ongoing symptoms to allow for greater mobility and an increased quality of life.

Sympathetic Nerve Blocks

Sympathetic nerves run along the front side of the spine and control body functions such as blood pressure, digestion, and heart rate. Certain injuries to the spine or surrounding areas can impact these nerves and cause significant pain. A nerve block to the sympathetic nerves can help by interfering with the pain signals that are stemming from the area where the increased pressure of an injury is affecting the surrounding nerves. 

Risks Associated With Nerve Blocks

Nerve blocks are minimally invasive, and the risks associated with them are rare, but with any injection, there is always a risk of infection, nerve damage, or blood loss. Working with a qualified and experienced professional can help mitigate these risks and help you live your life with reduced pain.1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that can connect you with an experienced and certified professional in your area.