On Tuesday, May 6th, Miami Police Officer Ryan Michael noticed a woman sitting at a bus stop on 59th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, all through the night. Around 5 AM, he noticed she had a baby on her lap.

The two-year old toddler, Joshua, was the reason the mother and two older brothers had come from Nassau to South Florida. They saved up about $3,500 to bring the child to Florida for surgery.

The family had been staying at the Seven Seas Motel, until the mother, Ebony Edgecombe, reportedly misplaced the money, which lead the family to end up on the street.

That morning, Officer Michael, who has been in the force for two years, used his own money to put them in the Seven Seas for one night until they could find shelter. Unfortunately, no four-person rooms were available. Despite the brothers’ claims saying they didn’t mind sleeping across the street, Michael pulled $500 from his own account, so the entire family could have a place to be for the entire weekend.

Michael stated, “”I grew up on the same streets that I patrol in, so I know what it’s like to have friends that have nothing and to have nothing.”

The entire family was overwhelmed with the officer’s generous gesture.

Michael stated, “I would hope that, if I was in the same position, anybody who would see what position I’m in, they’d do the same for me.”

The toddler’s surgery was scheduled for May 16th at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Michael helped the family, along with the community, to find shelter until the little one can recover.

Michael stated, “I didn’t give them what I had because I had to or because I wanted some type of recognition or praise. I know what it’s like to have nothing, so I’m just trying to help someone in need.”

With Michael’s help, the family has raised $11,000 so far.

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