A teenager driving with a learner’s permit and no driver with a valid license in the car ran a stop sign last Thursday, causing the other car to almost crash into the nearby residence.

The incident occurred at Southwest 87th Avenue and 43rd Street on Thursday afternoon. A mom and her daughter were riding in the BMW that was struck, along with another woman who was driving. The car had to be cut in order to remove the driver. The woman’s daughter was terrified, and was in tears as her and her mother were being carried into the ambulance.

Bystanders were said to have heard the accident from a block away. One of them, named Eudaldo Cuello, stated, “… it doesn’t sound like a normal crash, it sounds like bomb.”

Neither of the two teenagers in the car which caused the impact, a Nissan, were allowed to drive without the presence of a licensed adult in the car.

Four of the victims were hospitalized. One of them was put into trauma alert, and another was said to be in critical condition.

You can watch the video report here.

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