This Monday, June 6th, Alexander Gregory Pope was arrested for driving under the influence with a suspended license, no registration or proof of insurance, and crashing into a Middleburg Sherriff’s police vehicle. The incident happened back on March 24th, where Pope fled the scene after causing serious damage to the Sergeant’s vehicle. Sargent Matthew Magish, 40, was driving south on Blanding Avenue around 8:20 P.M., and was hit by Pope’s pickup truck while making a left turn onto the county road. The Sargent was severely injured.

On April 30th, a witness contacted the Clay County Sherriff’s Office, saying that Pope was responsible for the crash. Pope had called the witness for a ride because he had been drinking. Cell phone records corroborated the witness’ statements.

According the report, Pope wanted a loan from the witness to buy a new vehicle. When asked about why he needed a new vehicle, he confessed that he had hit the Sargent’s car. The truck was being hidden on a property in Middleburg, behind one of Pope’s friends’ trailer. The property owner gave FHP permission to tow the vehicle.

Damage to the truck was consistent with the damage to the patrol car. The report stated that Pope claimed to have no knowledge of the accident and even stated that another person had access to the truck keys.

When a detective spoke with Pope back on May 1st, he had said that hit a culvert, which was the reason for his damaged truck. Pope was arrested on Monday and is being held in the Clay County Jail with a $87,508 bond. His first court appearance was Wednesday, and he is scheduled for a second hearing on July 6th.

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