Motorcycle on road

Motorcycle accidents tend to leave victims more heavily injured than auto accidents due to the limited amount of protection of the driver. Even minor impacts can result in major injuries, trauma, or death. Over half of the most serious and fatal motocycle accidents tend to be other driver’s fault by violating the motorcycle driver’s right-of-way. Weather is only responsible for motorcycle accidents 98% of time. Most motorcycle accidents usually occur during short trips, such as running errands. The numerous expenses associated with treatment and rehabilitation can leave an accident victim with serious financial burdens. We understand the emotional strain and worries our clients feel, and that is why we are dedicated to provide you with excellent services and support.

Our network provides the most aggressive legal representation for our clients. After an accident, call 1-800 Injured so we can connect you with a personal injury attorney order who can discuss with you what you may be entitled to, including medical bills, motorcycle damage, and suffering.

The post-accident process is an extremely intricate, frustrating situation that thousands of Floridians go through every year. Handling such a claim on your own can be extremely overwhelming, which is why our network of personal injury attorneys and medical centers take care of everything from A to Z in order to give you peace of mind.