There’s no denying that car accidents can be devastating. However, motorcycle accidents can be even more dangerous. If you find yourself a victim of an accident, you need a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer.

A lawyer can help you handle the aftermath of your accident. But finding the right lawyer can be difficult. 1-800-INJURED is a lawyer and medical referral service that connects you with a network of car and motorcycle accident attorneys. We can refer you to an accident injury lawyer, so you can get access to the help you need.

The Hazards of Motorcycle Accidents in Miami

In Miami, due to the congestion of the roadways and limited parking, motorcycles are becoming a common method of transportation. Unfortunately, more motorcycles mean more opportunities for motorcycle accidents. In 2015, Miami-Dade had the highest amount of motorcycle fatalities in Florida. The state of Florida ranked number one in motorcycle deaths.

But the blame for these deaths and accidents does not usually fall on the riders. Typically, car drivers are the ones responsible for motorcycle accidents. Issues like distraction, negligence, and recklessness can cause an accident. No matter how well you ride your motorcycle, a reckless car driver can cause you to crash.

When a motorcycle accident occurs, the potential for injury is great. There is a high chance of serious injuries as well as a potential for a fatality. Even if you wear a helmet, the stakes are high.

Working with an attorney from the 1-800-INJURED referral service can help you fully recover from your injuries. With a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer, you can take action against the party at fault.

Getting Compensation with a Miami Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The injuries you suffer from your accident can leave you with a pile of medical bills. If you can’t work because of your injuries, your debt will only accumulate. You need the help of an experienced attorney to get compensation.

But getting compensation for your accident isn’t easy. You need to take legal action to fight for it. Fortunately, experienced lawyers know what it takes to get results. The attorneys that we can refer you to have combined decades fighting for motorcycle accident victims in Miami.

It’s impossible to say how much money you can get for your accident. Because every situation is unique, there is no set amount of compensation. If you have questions about how much money you are entitled to, reach out for help.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Miami?

As safe as you might be, you must realize that some motorcycle accidents are unpreventable. All it takes is one vehicle to cause an accident that puts you in the hospital. Here are a few common causes of Miami motorcycle accidents:

1. Drunk Driving

In Miami, the amount of drunk driving arrests is declining. However, drinking and driving is still a problem. When a driver is drunk, they put the lives of everyone else at risk. They might not be observant enough to notice a motorcycle.

2. Distracted Driving

Miami drivers are notorious for being on their cell phones. Although texting and driving is illegal, a police officer cannot pull you over for texting and driving. As a result, many drivers text while driving. They look away from the road to read their texts. In that short time, an accident can happen.

3. Reckless Driving

There are many reckless drivers in Miami. If a car driver switches lanes without signals or is speeding, they can cause an accident. The result can be devastating for a motorcycle rider.

4. Road Conditions

Certain road conditions can make driving dangerous. When there are speed bumps, potholes, and rocks on the road, motorcycle riders are at risk. The hazards in the road can cause a rider to lose control of their motorcycle.

5. Poor vision

Car drivers don’t always notice motorcycles. When a motorcycle is in a car’s blind spot, the driver might nor see the rider. For that reason, a driver could crash into the motorcycle. It happens more often than you might imagine

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents so Deadly?

Sadly, many motorcycle accidents have deadly consequences. If there is no fatality, there is still a good chance of serious injury. Whether or not you wear a helmet, you could be at risk.

Helmets prevent traumatic head injuries. However, helmets can’t prevent all traumatic head injuries. There are some situations in which a helmet can’t protect you. In addition to handling the impact of a larger vehicle, your body might need to handle the impact with a road or another object.
All of the following can occur as a result of a motorcycle accident:

  • Concussion
  • Brain damage
  • Road rash
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Joint injuries
  • Broken pelvis or shoulders
  • Nerve damage
  • Disfigurement

If the above injuries aren’t fatal, they can still be devastating. You might lose your ability to work or have a lifetime of rehabilitation.

How to Get Compensation for Your Accident

There is help available, and it comes in the form of a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer. The attorneys in the 1-800-INJURED network know how to give you the representation you deserve.

You can get compensation for a variety of things. Here are a few situations in which you could receive compensation:

1. You need medical treatment for your injuries

It’s likely that you received injuries during your accident. You could receive compensation for the cost of treating those injuries. In addition to receiving compensation for your previous medical bills, you could be eligible for money for future medical bills.

2. You need physical therapy

If you suffer from internal injuries, then you might need therapy to help you heal. Broken bones and internal bruising can require years of physical therapy. If you work with a motorcycle accident attorney, you might be able to receive money for that physical therapy.

3. You need mental health treatment

Motorcycle accidents in Miami can be traumatic. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or PTSD as a result of your accident, you could be eligible for compensation. The cost of treating those mental health issues can be quite high.

4. You lost your income

Your accident could result in a temporary or lifelong disability. As a result, you could be out of work. You might struggle to support yourself or your family. A Miami motorcycle accident lawyer can work towards getting you compensation for your lost wages.

Working with an Experienced Lawyer

1-800-INJURED is an accident attorney and medical referral service. If you need to find a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer, contact us at 1-800-INJURED. Let our network of attorneys help you deal with the consequences of your accident.

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