Motorcycle Accident Injury Statistics in Tampa


Motorcycles can be an extremely fun and exciting method of transportation, and give drivers a feeling of freedom that many cars cannot copy. However, there are some sobering statistics about motorcycle accidents that are important to take a look at. If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, contact 1800-Injured today to get connected with a qualified personal injury attorney who will fight to recover all possible damages for your situation. Read more below about motorcycle accident statistics, both nationally and in Tampa, Florida.


The United States Department of Transportation is in charge of managing all transportation and travel issues in the United States, and was established in 1966. There are many groups that fall under the DOT, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA is responsible for all highway traffic, and is constantly working to create safer, more efficient travel on all of our countries highways.

The NHSTA has released statistics that say a motorcyclist is 28 times more likely to be killed in a traffic crash, which is certainly owed to the fact that there is little to no protection for a motorcycle rider other than the clothing they are wearing, as opposed to a car driver or passenger being fully enclosed in a frame.

Increase in Motorcycle Crashes

The NHTSA disclosed in 2016 that motorcycle fatalities had increased by 5.1% over the past year, and had hit the highest number of deaths since 2008, officially recorded at 5,286 deaths.


In addition to seeing an alarming rise in motorcycle fatalities across the country, the NHTSA also determined that Florida is the most dangerous state for motorcyclists. In 2015, there were 606 deaths from motorcycle accidents, and over 9,000 injuries related to motorcycle crashes as well. For context, the national total of motorcycle deaths in 2015 was 4,976, meaning that in 2015, Florida accounted for over 12% of all motorcycle deaths in the country. There were an estimated 88,000 injuries in 2015 motorcycle crashes, meaning that Florida also accounted for over 10% of all national motorcycle injuries.


A survey found that an estimated 47% of Florida motorcyclists wear helmets, which may factor into the disproportionate percentage of deaths that occur in Florida as opposed to other states.

Additionally, an estimated 15% of motorcyclists are driving uninsured, which is extremely dangerous for both the motorcyclist and the other drivers. If you are involved in a crash with someone who was not insurance, contact 1800-Injured to discuss your options and how best to move forward with your case.

After Florida repealed the law that all motorcycle riders must wear helmets in 2000, the number of deaths in accidents without helmets jumped from 9% to 51%. Again, the fact that many Florida motorcycle drivers do not wear helmets likely contributes to the number of fatalities in the state.

The cost of motorcycle deaths in Florida in 2015 was over $606 million, according to a report by the Center for Disease Control.


In 2015, Hillsborough County was determined to be the second-most-dangerous county in Florida, only behind Miami-Dade, for motorcycle fatalities, with 48 deaths.


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