Nevada Turo Rental Accident

If you’re involved in an accident caused by someone driving a Turo rented car in Nevada, you should take legal action and receive proper compensation for your injuries and other damages. 1-800-Injured can help you get in touch with nearby attorneys in Nevada who offer free case consultations.

It’s essential to understand your rights and the steps you can take to protect yourself, which is why working with a car accident attorney can prove fruitful. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that aims to make the connection between personal injury victims and nearby attorneys smoother. 

If you have been injured in a Turo accident in Nevada, receive a free consultation with an attorney today and learn more about your legal options. Here is what you should know about Turo rental car accidents in Nevada!

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What To Do in a Turo Rental Accident in Nevada

Turo is a platform that offers individuals the convenience to rent vehicles directly from car owners, providing a broader selection of rental options compared to traditional car rental companies.

It can be an attractive alternative for both car owners looking to monetize their vehicles and renters seeking more unique or specialized rental experiences. However, sometimes vehicles lack safety features as owners neglect their maintenance duties, and drivers due to their unfamiliarity with the rented vehicle, end up making mistakes, which can easily lead to car accidents. If you are involved in an accident caused by someone driving a Turo rental car, here is what you should do:

Seek Medical Attention

Your health and safety should be the top priority. If you or anyone else involved in the accident has sustained injuries, seek immediate medical attention. Even if you have no pain symptoms or visible injuries, medical evaluation is crucial to rule out potential injuries that sometimes don’t manifest themselves straight away either due to adrenaline rush or other factors. 

Apart from this, your medical examination will be among your strongest pieces of evidence when pursuing a claim, and therefore compensation.

Document the Accident

Gather as much information as possible about the accident. This includes taking photographs of the accident scene, the damage to both vehicles, obtaining contact information from the Turo renter and witnesses, and noting relevant details such as road conditions, weather, and traffic signs.

Contact the Authorities 

Report the accident to the police and ensure that an official report is filed. This documentation can be valuable for insurance claims and legal proceedings.

Notify Turo 

Contact Turo and inform them of the accident. They may provide guidance on the next steps to take and initiate their claims process. Turo has a Host Protection Insurance program that may apply to accidents involving their rented vehicles.

Consult with an Attorney 

Consider consulting with a personal injury attorney who specializes in car accidents. An attorney can evaluate your case, determine liability, and guide you through the legal process. They will protect your rights, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue any potential compensation you may be entitled to.

Car accident lawyers can help you with gathering evidence, and even with expert witnesses if necessary. Expert witnesses can be medical professionals or accident reconstruction experts that give expert witness testimony to highlight the strengths of your case. 

Since 1-800-Injured is also a medical referral system, we can partner you up with an attorney and medical specialist relevant to the type of injuries and accident you have suffered.

The Differences in Accident Claims With Turo Rented Vehicles

It is essential to understand that pursuing a claim in a Turo rental accident isn’t the same as with traditional car accidents or other car renting companies. In the case of Turo, their vehicles are usually owned by individuals who list their personal cars on the platform, whereas vehicles rented from traditional rental companies are owned by the rental company.

With Turo, the responsibility for vehicle maintenance, upkeep, and adherence to safety standards lies with the individual car owners and not the company. This decentralized ownership structure may introduce variations in the overall condition and maintenance practices of the rented vehicles.

Turo relies on direct communication between the car owner and renter to establish rental terms and conditions unlike traditional car rental companies. While Turo provides insurance coverage, the specific details and terms may vary depending on the owner’s insurance policy and any additional coverage purchased by the renter.

Although Turo implements driver screening measures to ensure that renters meet certain criteria before being approved to rent a vehicle, the process isn’t as extensive or standardized as what traditional car rental companies typically conduct.

This difference in driver screening practices may influence the overall risk profile of renters using Toro. In the event of an accident, the process of filing insurance claims and determining liability may differ as well since Turo’s insurance coverage may have specific procedures and requirements that renters and car owners need to follow.

Additionally, the involvement of personal insurance policies and potential coverage gaps may require careful attention and communication during the claims process. This, coupled with other factors and the possibility of multiple liable parties, such as the Turo renter, vehicle owner, other negligent drivers and third parties can lead to complex legal proceedings in the event of an accident.

How 1-800-Injured Can Help

1-800-Injured connects personal injury victims with qualified attorneys who have expertise in the specific area of law relevant to their case. We can help you find a nearby attorney who has experience in handling Turo rental accident cases in Nevada. 

We pre-screen attorneys, ensuring they meet certain qualifications and ethical standards, which can save you time and effort in finding a suitable attorney. 1-800-Injured can provide you with a list of potential attorneys, along with their credentials and experience. 

You can then contact the attorneys, schedule consultations, and choose the one you feel most comfortable working with. Remember to provide the attorney with all the relevant details and documentation related to the accident to help them assess your case effectively. Contact 1-800-Injured today to learn more and start your pursuit of justice.