On Saturday, June 27, one person was injured and another killed in an accident between a car and a train at a train crossing on West Beaver Street. The car attempted to cross with the train crossing arms lowered. The driver attempted to drive around the arms and was struck by an oncoming train that was traveling at 40 mph, leaving one person dead and another injured. The names of those involved have not been released.

Police say that the driver was leaving Publix warehouse on W. Beaver street. There were two trains on the tracks, one of which was stopped. It’s possible that the driver thought that the arms had been lowered for the stopped train thought it was safe to drive around the obstacle.

Whatever the case, ignoring an oncoming train warning and crossing lowered barriers is always a very bad idea. Even though these types of accidents are extremely preventable it’s already the third Jacksonville car accident involving a train this month.

Practicing good safety habits is imperative to keeping ensuring your well-being on the road. Always follow the rules and keep our number handy in case of an accident. We can help you get the medical support and put you in contact with an experienced Jacksonville car accident lawyer.

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