Officer William Anderson was released from the hospital on July 30 after spending two and a half weeks recovering from a being run down by a teenage driver.

On July 13 Anderson attempted to pursue a fleeing passenger during a traffic stop, and was run over by the driver of the vehicle as he passed in front of it. He fired his weapon at the driver and remained conscious after the attack; it’s unknown if the driver was hit.

The car was discovered nine miles away with the windshield smashed and the interior burned out. Three teenagers, including the 17 year-old driver were arrested in connection with the incident in the following weeks. Because of his age, the suspects; names cannot be released, though they may be tried as adults.

Anderson left Shands Hospital under his own power on Thursday, July 30, without the aid of a walker. Orlando Police Chief Mina visited the officer in the hospital and expressed the community’s support for him.

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