An orthopaedic surgeon is a physician devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, disorders and diseases of the body’s musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons. Many orthopaedic surgeons specialize in certain areas, such as the foot/ankle, hand, shoulder/elbow, spine, hip, or knee.

Common orthopaedic surgeries include:

  • Arthroscopy: a procedure which uses special cameras and equipment to visualize, diagnose and treat problems inside a joint.
  • Fusion: a process by which bones are fused together with bone grafts and internal devices, such as metal rods, to heal into a single solid bone.
  • Internal Fixation: a method used to hold the broken pieces of bone in proper position with metal plates, pins or screws while the bone is healing.
  • Joint replacement: (partial, total and revision) a procedure in which an arthritic or damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint, a prosthesis.
  • Osteotomy: the correction of bone deformity by cutting and repositioning the bone.
  • Soft Tissue Repair: the mending of soft tissue, such as torn tendons or ligaments.

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