Car Accident Attorney in Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines, Florida, is served by several major roads that facilitate transportation within the city and connect it to neighboring areas. I-75 runs along the western edge of Pembroke Pines, providing a major north-south transportation route. It connects the city to other parts of South Florida and beyond. The Florida’s Turnpike is a toll road that passes through Pembroke Pines. It offers convenient access to various destinations within the state, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando. Pines Boulevard is one of the main east-west corridors in Pembroke Pines. It runs through the heart of the city, connecting with other major roads and serving as a commercial hub with numerous businesses, shops, and restaurants along its route. University Drive is a significant north-south road in Pembroke Pines. It connects with neighboring cities and serves as a major commercial and residential corridor, offering access to various shopping centers, medical facilities, and residential communities. Flamingo Road is another important north-south road that runs through Pembroke Pines. It connects with other major roads and provides access to residential areas, schools, and shopping centers.

Driving Car

What do all of these roads have in common? A lot of traffic and a pretty big chance of getting into a car accident while driving on them. 

Car accidents are relatively common in South Florida, including Pembroke Pines. The region’s high population density, heavy traffic, and a mix of local residents and tourists contribute to the likelihood of accidents occurring. Increased congestion and more vehicles on the road can heighten the potential for accidents. Additionally, factors such as distracted driving, aggressive driving behaviors, and a mix of local and international drivers unfamiliar with the area’s roadways can increase the risk of car accidents. Furthermore, South Florida’s unfavorable weather conditions can lead to increased traffic accidents, especially during severe summer storms.

What to do After a Pembroke Pines Car Accident

In order to begin legal proceedings following an auto accident, you’ll want to bring on the services of a Pembroke Pines car accident lawyer. This attorney will take steps to initiate and enact the lawsuit successfully.

Consultation and Case Evaluation

Lawyers will begin by seeking essential information regarding what happened at the scene, determining whether proceeding with litigation would be sensible or not based on said information gathered. They will do so while assessing which potential damages may be pursued ultimately. 


To firmly support their clients’ claims whilst establishing liability within litigation matters derived from the accident, thorough investigations into said accidents take place. These generally involve collecting police reports, obtaining witness statements, reviewing photographs or videos of the scene, as well as consulting with accident reconstruction experts if deemed necessary. 

Drafting the Complaint

Following investigations comes drafting of legal documents for a complaint. This document lays out details about the accident itself including identification of all parties involved and stating its legal basis for initiating legal action to be taken in the case. Once completed, this complaint document then is filed within appropriate courts to initiate said litigation. 

Serving Defendants

Court papers will then be served to defendants being sued by attorneys representing their clients in courtrooms. This procedure is considered critical since it’s an essential part of completing all litigation procedures successfully. 


Both parties take part in what is called discovery. This allows for useful information and pertinent evidence gathering related to a case at-hand. As things progress towards potential litigation proceedings that could result in a trial, your attorney will seek out a fair settlement through negotiations carried out with opposing parties, including insurance companies whose clients they represent. 

If these negotiated settlements can’t be reached however; focus shifts toward preparing yourself as best as possible ahead of any anticipated trials that may occur as part of relevant proceedings ahead. At this point attorneys will engage in a series of activities including reviewing evidence and building witness lists, formulating legal arguments, and crafting trial approaches that are more likely to succeed. 

Going to Trial

During a trial, attorneys for each side will represent their respective clients with expertise based on the strategies they’ve developed. When you’re involved in a car accident lawsuit needing legal assistance, lawyers are there for you every step of the way. These professionals present evidence while cross-examining witnesses and make compelling legal arguments aimed at securing favorable results for clients before judges and juries alike throughout trials. 

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