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Christopher J. Vilione joined The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones as an associate attorney in November 2010 before being made a partner in July 2018. He provides clients with more than 10 years of experience in personal injury law. Specifically, over the past decade, Chris has successfully represented clients in hundreds of no-fault arbitration hearings, mediations, jury trials, and other civil litigation matters. …


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Practicing law in Minnesota since 1991, Pam Rochlin is a personal injury lawyer who is deeply committed to helping injured victims and their families. …


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With over 1,200 court appearances under his belt, Jim is well-versed in trials, motions, arbitrations, and mediations. …


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After spending a number of years representing insurance companies in personal injury matters, Jim realized that trying to keep people who had been injured, and really needed the money, from getting paid by insurance companies just did not fit his personal moral code. …


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A car accident can be a painful and terrifying experience, and even low speed collisions can lead to serious, lasting injuries. Minnesota drivers are protected by required car insurance coverage, but even a high policy limit does not mean that the claimant will have an easy time recovering the compensation they rightfully deserve from the car accident claims process. This is because the insurance company is focused on paying as little as possible, regardless of limits, in order to maximize profits and reduce expenses. 

No matter how pleasant and helpful the adjuster seems that you are working with on your car accident case, remember that they are focused on saving their employer as much money as possible — regardless of the financial situation you will be left dealing with if you settle for less than you deserve. This is why working with Bloomington car accident attorneys is one of the most important steps that a victim can take before moving forward with either a claim or a car accident lawsuit.


Contact 1-800-Injured to Connect With Bloomington Car Accident Lawyers Today

Working with an attorney is an important decision for car accident victims, but many find the thought of reaching out to scores of Bloomington car accident lawyers, requesting consultations, and hoping to hear back from a firm to be overwhelming — especially while they try to deal with the realities of their injuries, medical care, missed time at work, and overall anxiety that one confronts in the days and weeks after a serious auto accident.

1-800-Injured is a Lawyer & Medical Directory that will connect you with a Bloomington car accident lawyer for a free consultation. We make this process easy so accident victims have the opportunity to speak with an experienced attorney about their unique situation and learn all about how an attorney can help them work towards fair compensation whether through an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Victims Deserve Support After Car Accidents

Simply knowing that there is dedicated support for your best interests can alleviate significant stress, and allow you to remain focused on your recovery while a dedicated Bloomington personal injury lawyer takes on the auto insurance companies to obtain compensation on your behalf. 

Read more about the importance of working with a car accident lawyer, and contact us as soon as possible to connect with a law firm in your area right away.

How Can Car Accident Attorneys Help?

After a car accident, many people spring into action and file a car accident claim as soon as possible in the hopes of putting the entire situation behind them. The insurance company is happy to move through a claim as quickly as possible — both because they have a 45 day requirement to offer a settlement to a claimant, and because rushed claims often mean that a victim may not even realize the extent of their damages before accepting an initial settlement and waiving their rights for any future legal action.

When working with a Bloomington car accident lawyer, victims can rely on experienced legal support and guidance throughout the process, getting specific advice about next steps to take, whether or not to accept a settlement, and gaining perspective about their situation that only experienced personal injury lawyers can provide. When attorneys handle an insurance claim, the insurance companies know that they won’t be able to rush the process and resolve the case without paying a fair settlement.

Car accidents happen every day across Minnesota, and an insurance provider has years of experience handling these claims. A victim, on the other hand, may only file one or two car accident claims in their whole life, meaning that the insurer holds the power as they work towards avoiding paying the damages a victim actually deserves. 

There were a total of 63,751 crashes reported in 2021 throughout Minnesota, with a total of 17,483 of those crashes causing injuries and 451 fatal car accidents. 45,817 more crashes involved property damage only. Many of these auto accidents resulted in claims to an insurance company.

Fortunately, Bloomington auto accident attorneys spend their professional careers working through auto accident lawsuits and claims, and will be able to support you through this process and help you avoid the complicated, often intimidating, tactics that an insurance company will resort to in order to resolve a car accident case.

Your attorney will perform an investigation into the car accident in order to prove liability, and will then move forward with gathering all of the damages you have suffered and calculating a fair amount that you deserve. They will submit a demand letter to the insurance company, at which point the insurer will likely return with a much lower counteroffer, and your attorney will handle a series of negotiations meant to close this gap. If necessary, they will be prepared to file a car accident lawsuit in the Minnesota courts if the insurance company refuses to pay you what you deserve.