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When you hear the name “Heuer the Lawyer”, pronounced “Hoyer the Lawyer”, you know that you will be dealing with an exceptional attorney. Jim will be your advocate from the beginning of your case until the end of settlement. He will work tirelessly for the absolute best outcome. If he needs to be an aggressive litigator, he will fill that role without hesitation. Whatever stance he must take he will and will continue to succeed. His track record of 45 plus years speaks volumes. …


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Gardner Law Office, LLC

If you have been injured at work or from someone else’s negligence, immediately call Gardner Law Office. Since 2002, Gardner Law Office has been providing dedicated legal representation, and successfully obtaining outstanding results, for individuals and families who need help navigating the legal process following serious work injuries and other accidents from car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle accidents to slip & fall accidents and more. At Gardner Law Office, we will always fight aggressively and ethically for our clients, caring about achieving the best possible outcome for you and your …


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It’s no secret that being involved in a car accident can lead to overwhelming emotions and complicated legal scenarios. From physical harm to property damage from vehicles involved in the accident, there are many facets that must be taken into consideration moving forward. That’s where the benefits of hiring an experienced team comes in. Brooklyn Park car accident lawyers specializing in cases like yours provide essential support throughout every phase of recovery. With a lawyer by your side, you’ll be able to focus on healing while skilled professionals work hard behind the scenes navigating insurance policies and legal proceedings for fair compensation.

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Brooklyn Park car accident lawyers are dedicated towards protecting client interests and ensuring peace of mind during the difficult journey ahead following a traumatic experience. These lawyers are experts in personal injury law and have a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in car accident cases. 

They are committed to providing you with comprehensive legal support, guidance, and representation from the very first consultation. With Brooklyn Park car accident lawyers on your side, you can trust that you’re in good hands. No matter how your accident occurred, be it a result of a distracted driver or reckless motorist, an attorney is well equipped to take on your case successfully. 

Car accident lawyers put a high priority on open and honest communication with clients. They invest the time to listen intently, getting your story right and understanding the unique circumstances of your case in order to develop a highly-personalized legal strategy tailored specifically to your needs. 

Proving Fault in a Car Accident

Establishing fault in a car accident requires careful attention to detail, but by collecting solid evidence and knowing your legal rights it is often possible to demonstrate that someone else was responsible for causing the collision. Here are few key steps Brooklyn Park car accident lawyers will take to achieve this goal:

Gather Evidence

To begin with, they collect all necessary evidence at the scene itself, including photographs and observations about things like road conditions or obstacles that may have contributed to the incident. If there were skid marks, these details could prove crucial later on if you need them during any potential court proceedings . 

Obtain Witness Statements

If there were witnesses to the accident, your lawyer will obtain their contact information and statements about what they saw. Their accounts can provide crucial evidence to support your version of events.

Police Reports

The lawyer will also contact law enforcement to get access to the accident report, particularly for more severe accidents. The police report typically includes the officer’s observations, interviews with involved parties, and their preliminary assessment of fault.

Surveillance Footage

Your lawyer will also check for any surveillance cameras in the area that may have captured the accident. This can include footage from nearby businesses, traffic cameras, or residential security systems. This footage may be key to proving you were not at fault and therefore deserve to be properly compensated.

Medical Records

Your medical records and documentation that detail your injuries and treatment are also essential in proving your case. These records can establish the extent of your injuries and their connection to the accident.

Expert Witnesses

In complex cases, it may be necessary for your car accident lawyer to consult with expert witnesses. This includes accident reconstruction specialists or forensic experts. They can provide professional analysis and testimony regarding the cause of the accident and who is at fault.

Documentation and Records

Be sure to keep records of all accident-related expenses, including medical bills, repair receipts, rental car costs, and any other relevant documentation. Your lawyer will request these. These records can help demonstrate the financial impact of the accident and help your attorney make an argument for what your financial compensation should be.

Brooklyn Park car accident lawyers are committed advocates fighting tirelessly so that you receive maximum compensation possible under law. We encourage you to reach out to one as soon as possible in order to alleviate some of your stress. Scheduling an initial consultation begins by contacting 1-800-Injured.

Contact 1-800-Injured

1-800-Injured is a medical and legal referral network. We connect our clients with experienced professionals who can help them with their unique personal injury needs after a car accident.

Too often we hear that victims of Brooklyn Park, MN car accidents decide not to contact an attorney because of the additional stress of the search process, which is why we make connecting to a lawyer in their area simple and convenient. Following an initial consultation with our team, we reach out to our network in order to find an attorney who is ready and willing to take the case as soon as possible. We reduce barriers to finding an experienced and proven attorney, empowering personal injury victims to fight for the compensation they are rightfully entitled to following an accident someone else caused.