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When you purchase a new product, you have every right to expect that the manufacturer, distributor, and all other participants on the supply chain have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that you are aware of the inherent risks associated with the product and that the product will operate as intended for you. If you are hurt because of a defective product, then you are entitled to compensation from one, or more, of the companies along the supply chain that is responsible for your safety as the end-user. Determining whether or not you are the victim of product liability or if your injury was due to normal use and inherent risks can be confusing, and even after answering this question, you will then need to determine WHO you can seek compensation from.

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Working with an attorney is the most effective way to ensure that you take the appropriate steps in this situation, that you build a strong case, and ultimately that you get a settlement that you are entitled to. Any type of serious injury is a major disruption to your life, and these injuries can be even more frustrating when it was the result of an avoidable accident due to recklessness or negligence. 

1-800-Injured provides victims with access to a network of personal injury and product liability lawyers who are available today. Trying to find a lawyer who covers your area of need and is able to take your case is a frustrating first step in this process, but by using our referral service you can save yourself the time and the hassle so that you can keep focusing on what matters the most. 

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What Is a Product Liability?

Any time a company or individual produces a product, they assume a level of liability for the product, as does everyone else in the supply chain before the product reaches the end-user. In order for the end-user to be entitled to compensation, they must be able to prove that the accident was avoidable and that it was a result of a defective product on behalf of one of the suppliers who assumes liability. There are many different types of accidents that hold someone responsible for an injury, including the following:

Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect happens when a product is being made or assembled and there is a mistake. It is expected in a manufacturing process that there will be a non-zero percentage of defects,  which is why it is so important for companies to have strict quality control practices in place. 

Design Defects

Design defects are less common than manufacturing defects and are the result of an inherent design flaw that puts users at risk of injury. In this instance, the people who designed, iterated, and ultimately approved the design of this product are liable for the injuries that they cause.

Marketing Defects

If a product is perfectly designed and manufactured, but a marketing defect happens when a company fails to provide the user with adequate warnings about the inherent risks that come with the regular use of the product. It is understood that there are risks that come with many products, but it is also understood that the manufacturer and supplier will provide you with adequate instructions on how to use the product safely.

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