Protecting Yourself From Towing Scams after an Accident

Being in a car accident is traumatizing and shocking enough, but having to deal with a towing scam on top of that is unacceptable. It’s important to be prepared ahead of time to avoid becoming the victim of a predatory business when you’re feeling your most vulnerable. Even if you’re not seriously injured, back pain or neck pain after a car accident can be a sign of whiplash, which, on top of requiring expensive medical treatment, makes it significantly harder to deal with someone who’s trying to rip you off. If you have one of our car accident lawyer by your side, you can avoid not only the monetary costs of your pain and suffering, but also the stress and humiliation of being taken advantage of by the very people who are supposed to help you through a difficult situation.


Don’t Let Anyone Call a Towing Company for You

Another number that you’ll want to keep a copy of in your car is that of a local towing company, or your AAA card. If you’ve been in a car accident it’s important that you call your own towing company rather than allowing the police or another first responder to do it for you. Unfortunately it’s very common for first responders to work with predatory towing companies who will gratuitously overcharge you.

First, they’ll show up, load your car onto their truck, and then show you the bill. If you decline their service, they’ll attempt to charge you to remove the car from their truck. Because of this it’s important to keep any towing company that you didn’t personally call from touching your vehicle before you’ve negotiated a price. Incidentally, negotiating a price isn’t so easy when you’re in shock or suffering from whiplash, which is, again, why it’s best to be prepared before anything happens.

Call Your Insurance Company

If you don’t have AAA or a previous relationship with a towing company, you can avoid trouble by calling your car insurance and asking them what local businesses they work with and cover. If you’re dealing with a car accident injury this might be a bit too much to deal with right after an accident, however, so it’s better to be prepared ahead of time. If you’re determined to go this route then you should keep your insurance representative’s number in your phone, along with that of a car accident attorney, so that you don’t need to assemble any information before you can start making calls.

Get one of our Car Accident Lawyers

Car accident attorneys are specialists in dealing with these cases, and they’ll be familiar with all the ways that someone might try to take advantage of your situation. It’sa good idea to keep the number of one of our local attorneys in your car so that you have it ready when you need it. Try to call us after you’ve made sure that everyoneis safe, but before you sign anything or make any official statements? it’s even better if you can get them on the phone before the police arrive. In any case, remember never to admit fault at the scene of the accident, and get someone you can trust to help you through the crisis.

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