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Why Work With 1-800-Injured

National Reach

We have a variety of advertising opportunities available for law firms across the nation.

Vanity Number

Licensing opportunities available for the 1-800-Injured number for attorneys.

Website Placement

We offer rental spaces for attorneys in prominent cities across the country.

If you are looking for a great opportunity to expand your business, bring new clients to your law firm, and increase your digital marketing reach, look no further than the licensing opportunities at 1-800-Injured. Trying to tackle marketing outreach while you are providing world-class service to your clients can be a daunting task, and without the appropriate resources, the results may be less than ideal. Instead of worrying about these tasks yourself, you can leverage the high traffic and authority that the 1-800-Injured lawyer referral network has developed. 

When you are partnered with 1-800-Injured, you can reach new personal injury clients in your area through licensing of our vanity 1-800 number as well as valuable space on our website. When you are connected to our referral network, you can pick and choose the cases you take on, the cases you decide to refer out to other law firms, and you can stay focused on building your own business without having to take on the additional legwork of developing a digital marketing strategy, building your marketing campaigns, and continuously maintaining them. The 1-800-Injured lawyer referral network can work for you.

Why Partner with A Lawyer Referral Network?

Our referral network benefits clients and law firms alike by saving time for victims and saving on marketing efforts for law firms. When a personal injury victim searches for “car accident lawyer in Miami,” the Google search results page is dominated by paid ads and major law firms with substantial marketing budgets thrown behind their efforts. You will notice, though, that 1-800-Injured consistently ranks in the top organic search positions — an achievement we work hard at maintaining. When you have a referral network boosting your website, you can stay focused on your practice while we stay focused on capturing that valuable traffic for you.

Use The 1-800-Injured Vanity Number for Your Own Practice

There are many benefits of using a vanity number, and the data supports that claim: using a recognizable vanity number such as “1-800-Injured” can increase calls to your firm by 25-50%, a result that many other marketing tactics could only dream of achieving. However, there is a catch: a phone number is only memorable when people are exposed to it. If you were to use your own vanity number for your area, one of the best ways to reap the rewards would be to run an ongoing marketing campaign to encourage people to remember your contact information. Otherwise, it can be easy to forget — especially after a person has suffered from a serious personal injury.

By licensing the 1-800-Injured number in your area, you can benefit from using an established, authoritative vanity number without having to go through the additional work of educating the public of its existence and what they stand to gain by calling. We have that covered for you.

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Join The 1-800-Injured Network in Florida

1-800-Injured provides law firms complimentary access to our vast network of medical providers across a variety of specialties throughout Florida. 

Register for our NEW, HIPPA compliant platform in order to search for a doctor and refer your clients in a matter of minutes.

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Capture Digital Traffic with Our Website Licensing Opportunities

In addition to licensing the 1-800-Injured vanity phone number for your personal injury law firm, you can take advantage of our impressive volumes of web traffic, as well. As mentioned above, we have consistent results in our US markets for high-ranking search engine results that can help us funnel traffic to your law firm with ease. is routinely one of the best-ranking personal injury law websites in every market we have expanded to. Because of our dedicated marketing efforts, we can extend these benefits to our partners through licensing agreements.

If you want to learn more about how your personal injury law firm can take advantage of our lawyer referral network, contact us as soon as possible.

Access the 1-800-Injured Provider Network

1-800-Injured provides law firms complimentary access to our vast network of medical providers across a variety of specialties throughout Florida. 

Register for our NEW, HIPPA compliant platform in order to search for a doctor and refer your clients in a matter of minutes.

Contact The Team at 1-800-Injured Now to Discuss Our Licensing Opportunities

To get a sense of how we can truly help you increase calls and inquiries to your law firm, contact us now. We have many examples in a wide range of markets that can give you a sense of all that you have to gain by working with an established, nationally-recognized lawyer referral network to either replace or supplement your own marketing efforts.

Working with our attorney referral network can give your law firm a significant boost in inquiries without having to take on the additional efforts required to roll out and maintain a consistent marketing campaign to drive meaningful, cost-effective traffic. Contact us now to discuss the benefits of this partnership for your law firm specifically, and we can work together to help you reach new, untapped markets in your area.