Failing to use turn signals.

Any vehicle turning right or left or changing lanes, must use signal an intention to turn for at least 100 feet prior to turning or changing lanes. Visually speaking, 100 feet is about the length of six cars lined up bumper to bumper. The purpose of the turn signal is to let other drivers know you are about to turn. Turning on the signal after you have already stepped on your brakes is too late. The fines for this citation vary, but usually add up to $140, and cost you 3 points off of your license.

Failing to come to a full stop at a stop sign.

Running stop signs usually cost 3 points off of your license, and typically results in a ticket ranging anywhere between $70 and $200, based on the circumstances. You are required to come to a full stop at the stop limit line, or entrance to a cross-section. This doesn’t mean slowing down and almost stopping. It means, STOP.

Illegal U-Turns.

U-turns in Florida can be made so as long as you don’t impair traffic and the U-turn can be made safely. However, if you make a U-turn even when a “no U-turns” sign is displayed, you risk losing 3 points off of your license and receive a ticket. Fines are usually around $125, but vary.

Failing to keep proper distance between vehicles.

Fines for this infuriation vary, but usually cost 3 points. The three-second rule is a generally accepted way of determining whether or not you are following too closely. Pick a landmark in your surroundings, such as a billboard, and start counting the seconds it takes for the nose of your car reach the landmark after the heads of the car in front of your has passed it. If the number exceeds 3 seconds in good weather conditions, you are most likely driving at a safe distance.

Mechanical Issues.

Didn’t know your back twilight was out or that your tires are improperly inflated? That doesn’t matter. It’s up to you to maintain a healthy vehicle and to schedule regular check-ups, for your safety, and for the safety of others. If you are pulled over for having a tail-light out, for example, you can be subject to receiving a fine of up to $170. The fines vary based on the issues with your vehicle.

Failing to yield to pedestrians.

Those white dotted lines that cross the road aren’t made for decoration. By law, you are required to stop at pedestrian crosswalks, and always to yield to a pedestrian. The fine for failing to do so can add up to $500 and cost 3 points off your license.

Doing 20 in a 60.

The left lane is reserved for passing. You can receive a $60 ticket for going below the speed limit on the highway, plus 3 points off of your license.

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