Santa Fe Car Accident Attorney

After a car accident, what you do next is of extreme importance. You will likely be shocked in the aftermath, however, after seeking medical treatment, you should find a car accident attorney to work on your behalf.

In recent years, motor vehicle accidents in New Mexico led to over 20,400 injuries. While car accidents have many potential causes, many of them can be attributed to distracted driving, sleep deprivation, overloaded trucks, and sheer negligence.

The car accident attorneys within 1-800-Injured are experienced in representing car accident victims. 1-800-Injured is a Lawyer & Medical Directory that can help you navigate your car accident claim. If you or someone you love has suffered car accident injuries, call today to file a personal injury claim.

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Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Many different things can lead to a car crash, though the majority of them are caused by someone else’s negligence. One of the most common reasons cited for car accident claims is distracted driving. Drivers that are occupied with texting, talking on their cell phone, eating, or drinking lose focus on the road and collide with other cars.

Driving under the influence is another negligent act caused by other drivers. In fact, nearly half of all car accident cases involve DUI since alcohol and drugs can inhibit a person’s ability to make sound decisions. Other common car accident causes are due to product liability and poor driving conditions which may cause another driver to lose control of their vehicle.

Sometimes, the cause of automobile accidents is purely through reckless behavior. Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and other irresponsible behaviors put everyone on the road at risk.

A Santa Fe car accident attorney is who you should speak with regarding your injury claims. You will need a seasoned personal injury attorney to represent you when the insurance adjusters try to negate your claims. At 1-800-Injured, you will find a skilled car accident attorney to work on the process to recover compensation.

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries in Santa Fe, New Mexico

In Santa Fe, injury victims in car crashes can range from mild bruising and lacerations to severe and life-threatening. Car accidents happen in just seconds, and they have the potential to impact the rest of your life.

A negligent driver could leave accident victims with spinal cord injuries that will likely result in permanent disability and require ongoing medical care for a lifetime. If you were in an accident like this, you may never again be able to enjoy the activities you once loved.

Others may suffer from traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, burns, internal injuries, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, or loss of limbs. You may also be left permanently scarred or disfigured, or suffer from emotional trauma such as post traumatic stress disorder.

Often, those involved in car wrecks are urged to seek medical treatment immediately. Even if you feel fine, traumatic brain injuries and internal bleeding can’t be detected from the outside. Time is of the essence to treat these injuries before they become extreme.

You should discuss your case with a Santa Fe car accident lawyer. Contact 1-800-Injured for a free consultation. 

What Compensation Can You Get from a Car Accident in Santa Fe, New Mexico?

If you didn’t cause the car accident, you should seek monetary compensation from the at-fault driver. With your injuries, an experienced car accident lawyer is who you should let handle the financial recovery while you work on recovering your health.

1-800-Injured will pair you with experienced attorneys who  will seek damages on your behalf. All too often, your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company will provide a settlement amount that is far too low to make up for your expenses.

You can seek damages for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, loss of future income, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering. In order to obtain full and fair compensation, you must prove fault of the other driver or any other at fault party.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Immediately after your auto wreck, you should move your damaged vehicle if possible. Then get medical attention even if you don’t think you’re hurt. After that, it’s important to find a Santa Fe car accident lawyer to help you make your legal claim. The police report and your medical records will be instrumental in your settlement negotiations.

For an aggressive attorney that will act quickly and work with you throughout this ordeal, contact 1-800-Injured. 1-800-Injured is a Lawyer & Medical Directory that will pair you will an attorney to assist in your legal matters. Let us assist you with your pursuit of economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. We offer a free initial consultation where you can confidentially discuss your case.