Should I Get Medical Treatment After a Car Accident? Who Will Pay For It?

When you’ve been involved in car accident, there are a couple of main issues you have to address. One is how and when you’re going to get your car repaired or replaced. The other is whether you’re injured and what kind of treatment you may need. But a lot of people put that second part off, because they aren’t sure how to handle the medical bills that could accumulate.

They may also think they really are not hurt, but they could have injuries they are not yet aware of or that could cause them more pain and suffering in the future if they aren’t treated now. You don’t want to end up in chronic pain later from something that could have been taken care of when it should have been. Here’s what you need to consider when it comes to medical treatment after your car accident:


Should You Still Go See a Doctor After a Minor Car Accident?

Even a minor vehicle accident can induce serious long-term injuries and health complications. Especially if you plan to seek out an attorney for your car accident case, you will be required to seek appropriate medical treatment to file a proper claim. This way, any injuries, pain, and suffering you endure are documented, and be sure that your doctor, your car accident lawyer, and the insurance companies have those records.

Anytime there is or may be a lawsuit, proper documentation is a crucial part in receiving fair and just compensation. Small car accidents can seem very harmless at the time, but whiplash, back injuries, bruising, and other problems can result. If you have a fender bender type of car accident, it’s still a good idea to see your doctor for a visit and make sure you’re all right.

Should You Get Medical Treatment Immediately After a Car Accident?

Many people seek medical treatment immediately after they have been in a car accident. They may be taken right from the scene of the accident to the hospital by ambulance. For those who don’t seem to be seriously hurt, they may put off going to the hospital or the doctor until later. They may also go in a private vehicle, so they can avoid the cost of the ambulance ride.

Personal injury law is particular about documentation of injuries and harm, but a person doesn’t have to go immediately to the hospital by ambulance in order to be considered injured in a car accident. You can still receive personal injury compensation if you see the doctor days or even weeks after your car accident took place, depending of the state in which you reside.

How Can You Get Medical Treatment After an Accident Without Insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, you can still get medical treatment after a car accident. The driver of the other vehicle should have insurance, and their insurance should pay your medical bills if they were at fault in the accident. However, if you were at fault in the accident and don’t have any insurance, it can be harder for you to get your treatment paid for.

However, you shouldn’t ignore the need for medical treatment due to lack of funds. Most doctors and hospitals will work with you to help you get the treatment you need, and in a true medical emergency, you cannot be refused lifesaving help. If you need medical help and treatment after a car accident, get the help you need. It can save you a lifetime of chronic pain and problems.

How Long Do You Have To Go To the Hospital After a Car Accident?

States have statutes of limitations on car accident injuries. In other words, you have a set period of time to bring a personal injury lawsuit for the harm that resulted from the crash. Your insurance company of the insurance company of the other party may offer you a bodily injury settlement, but this will typically be less than what your case is really worth.

Accepting that settlement may bar you from making any serious injury compensation claims in the future, so it’s generally wise to talk to a personal injury attorney before agreeing to any settlement. While the insurance company may be very fair with you, it’s also possible that they won’t be. It’s better to find that out before you agree to a settlement that would prevent you from collecting more injury compensation in the future. In short, you want to focus on two things after a car accident: whether you are in need of medical attention, and whether you should receive compensation for your injuries. Addressing both of those issues can help you sleep better at night and feel better physically, mentally, and financially.

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