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Injuries that occur on other people’s property is oftentimes covered under torts regarding premise liability. In these tort cases, the victim alleges that the owner or manager of the property had a duty of care that they failed to uphold, which led to the victim being injured. These types of injuries can happen when someone slips on wet floors in a shopping mall, hurts themselves due to icy or wet steps, and broken or faulty staircases or handrails.

If you have been injured on someone else’s property due to a hazard like a slippery floor, then you deserve to be compensated for the injuries that they are at fault for. In order to move forward with a slip and fall case, you will need to establish a few basic facts (detailed below) in order to prove that the property manager or owner is responsible to pay these damages. Once you and your slip and fall lawyer have established these core issues, you will move forward with determining the amount of money that you rightfully deserve.

Finding an experienced and proven personal injury attorney to represent your case can be extremely overwhelming, especially as you are trying to understand the reality of your injuries and how you will get your life back on track. When you go through 1-800-Injured, you will have access to our referral network of attorneys who are ready to take your case as soon as possible. Contact us now for a free initial consultation and get started on fighting for what you deserve today.

About Slip and Fall Accident Law

There are many different tort laws around slip and fall cases in Florida that are intended to provide the courts with a basis for how to handle them. Simply being injured on someone else’s property does not automatically entitle the victim to compensation. There are a few different basic factors that must be present before a civil action is warranted.

The following are necessary factors to establish a personal injury claim of premise liability:

  • There was a hazard present on the property that the defendant either knew about and ignored or should have reasonably been aware of. This is known as a “duty of care” and you will need to prove that the defendant failed this duty of care due to negligence.
  • You were injured as a result of this hazard by slipping or tripping and falling
  • Your injuries have measurable damages

Once these basic details are established, the next step is to determine the amount of money that you deserve for your injuries. Compensatory damages in a personal injury case are divided into two parts: economic and non-economic.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the foundation of your compensation because they account for all of the financially-measurable impacts on your life such as medical bills and lost wages. There is no “multiplier” for these damages, meaning that you will be seeking 1:1 compensation for these things, and providing proof such as income statements, invoices, and receipts.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are separate from economic damages because most simply put, they do not seek compensation for factors that have measurable dollar values attached to them. They include things like the actual pain and suffering that you endure following an injury, and are commonly calculated with a multiplier of the economic damages.

Why Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

In order to focus on your own recovery needs, the best way to fight for a fair settlement is by working through a slip and fall lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. Stress is proven to have significant adverse impacts on physical recovery from injuries, meaning that the less stress you take on yourself, the more energy you have to focus on recovering.

In addition to reducing your stress, working with a slip and fall attorney means that you will be represented by someone with a history of experience with similar cases, and a history of legal experience that will significantly help your chances of a positive outcome. 

Common Slip and Fall Injuries 

There are many different injuries that someone could suffer in this situation, but some of the most common injuries are these following examples:

Bone Fractures

Fractured bones are very common in any kind of impact injury, and a slip and fall are no different than with other broken-bone injuries. These injuries need to be set in a case or supported in order to make a full recovery. 


A sprain is an injury to soft tissue in the body such as a ligament or muscle, and are typically suffered when a joint is hyperextended and causes overstretching in the soft tissues. Severe sprains may require surgery.


Bruises are another extremely common injury after any type of fall and are typically concentrated in areas where the body sustained an impact. These dark and sensitive areas under the skin are caused by blood vessels and capillaries being broken by trauma. 

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding happens when an internal injury occurs and the injured area begins to bleed. Since there are no external lacerations with this injury, the blood will pool inside the body and can cause serious complications or death if not treated. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

The term traumatic brain injury applies to a wide range of specific injuries, but whether the injury is a mild concussion or a coma, these injuries must absolutely be treated by a professional in order to develop a recovery plan and avoid any possible unnecessary complications. 

Steps To Take After Slip and Fall Accident 

Call 911

As with any injury or accident, the most important thing to do first is to prioritize your health needs. If you are able to, call 911 and inform them of the accident; if you are unable to call emergency services yourself, alert those around you so that someone else can initiate the call and have EMTs, police, and firefighters dispatched to where you are. 

Contact a Medical Professional

Whether you are taken by an ambulance to the emergency room or you are able to leave under your own power, see a doctor as soon as possible. This will establish paperwork that will be very helpful in your case, in addition to the most important benefit of having your wounds treated.

Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

Many people think that they do not need to hire an attorney to file a claim with an insurance company, but this could not be further from the truth. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the more support you will have through every step, meaning that your chances of a positive outcome are significantly boosted by having a slip and fall attorney on your side.

Contact 1-800-Injured as soon as possible to get connected with a diligent, skilled lawyer who understands your case.