It’s Illegal to Drive Without an Ice Cream Cone on a Hot Day in Virginia

Policeman handing Ice Cream Cone

On July 25th of this year, two police officers in Halifax, Virginia, were on-duty, pulling over random drivers. The two decided to pull over an unsuspecting driver, and accused her of violating the vehicle code The officer then went on to explain that code makes it illegal to drive on a hot day without ice cream and proceeded to handing her and the passenger an ice cream cone. The video quickly went viral after the officer posted it to his Facebook page, reaching 2.5 million views.

Dogs Can’t Drive

Dogs in Car

Yesterday, two dogs were found by a Wal-Mart employee in West Virginia after one of them knocked the car out of park and hit the store’s entrance with the car. The employee said she was on her break when she noticed a Mercury Grand Marquis slowly start to move towards her. As the vehicle kept inching close, she thought it may have been someone she knew, until she saw a dog at the window. After hitting the wall, the dog in the passenger seat pulled the window down. The owner said she had left her car on so her dogs could stay cool while she was shopping. Interesting.

What We’d Look Like if We Were Accident-Proof


Sure, it’s be nice to be practically immune to injury in accidents. But do you know what we’d look like if we were? Cars evolve much faster than we do. Patricia Piccini, an artist, teamed up with Christian Kenfield, Australia’s leading trauma surgeon, and Dr. David Logan, to create what a human body would look like if it were immune to the forces that impact us during a car accident. This is Graham. His head has a helmet-like skull. He has extra cerebrospinal fluid. His ligaments would brace to his brain if a collision were to occur. His face is padded with more tissue and thicker bones in order to absorb more force than a human face.He has no neck at all, and instead has en extra thick ribcage with built-in airbags that reach his chin.

Traffic Jam? No, Jam Session!

Picture of Traffic Jam

On June 7th this year, an accident on the A27 highway in Eindhoven, Netherlands, caused a painful traffic jam. “The Moods” band drummer happened to be on his way to a gig with the other band members when he was stuck along with the rest of the traffic. So, he asked someone to quickly help him set up his drum set and someone else to watch traffic while he played a little jam session at the traffic jam. A small crowd gathered to watch, and eventually the accident was cleared and the roads cleared.

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