Speeding in the U.S. leads to a huge number of accidents, and the speed at which we get into those accidents makes a big impact on our car accident injuries.

To deal with this, many states keep their highway speed limits low, while others believe that people should make their own decisions about their safety.

The Slowest State

The lowest average highway speed limit in the U.S. is in Alaska. The average highway speed limit is 55 mph, with the only exception being “rural freeways”, which have a 65 mph speed limit. These limits exist for a variety of reasons, including Alaska’s mountainous terrain and cold climate that can produce dangerous driving conditions. In the last 40 years Alaska has actually reduced its top speed limit twice in an effort to keep drivers safe.

The Fastest State

The fastest driving state in the union is Texas, with an average highway speed limit of 78 mph. The absolute state speed limit is 85 mph, which is also the highest in the country, even though it’s only applied to rural interstates, even in Texas. The freshly ascended runner-up to the speed-demon crown is Idaho with an average 77 mph limit after recently raising the speed limits drastically from a long-held 65 mph cap.

Where are We?

The great state of Florida sits at a respectable and very average 68 mph average highway speed limit. Though the climate is generally driver-friendly, and the topography isn’t extreme compared to places like Alaska, our speed limit is capped at 70 mph, probably because of our higher than average car accident death rates. We also lead the country in pedestrian traffic deaths, and have a high rate of drunk driving related accidents.

That isn’t to say that we drive at average speeds, since we generally view speed limits as a cute suggestion rather than a hard-and-fast rule (we’re looking at you, Miami). Considering the accident rates that we’re dealing with, however, maybe we should consider taking our foot off the gas a bit more.

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