It’s no secret that cars are constantly evolving and auto companies are always finding news ways to make the next models even better; internet access, self-driving cars, new gadgets. Let’s take a look at the next decade and what awaits us.

In the next year: 2017

Back in the early years of the 21st century, cars with bluetooth, built-in GPS systems, parking sensors, voice command, hand-free systems, or even hybrid systems were all considered luxuries which belonged to vehicles of the top end. Now, cars and trucks are commonly built with such features. So what comes next? Next year, we can expect more features to be added to the “already-getting-hefty list,” such as internet access and hotspots.

In the next 2 years: 2018

While autonomous driving creeps closer into the the streets, other features such as lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and self-braking systems are making their way into more vehicles as time passes.

Combining all these features, as Tesla does with their autopilot system, allows vehicles to operate semi-independently.

In the next 5 years: 2021

In five years, it’s likely that the idea of a car without built-in internet connection will be as strange as buying laptop without a wi-fi function in the current world. Music will mostly likely be available via the “cloud” and be controlled by voice command.

In addition, driver-assist features mentioned above will have significantly improved. For example, vehicle-to-vehicle communication will allow cars to sense each other. For example, if a vehicle ahead of you brutally swerves right to avoid another short-stopped vehicle, you might end up crashing into the stopped vehicle because you didn’t have time to see the problem. A connected car network would allow your car to sense the stopped vehicle, and apply brake pressure prior to you being aware of the potential collision.

In the next 10 years: 2026

So what could come of all this? Audi and Mercedes-Benz, for example, expect cars to be ready for full autonomous use within the next 10 years or so. As far-fetched as it may seem, concepts such as fully-autonomous vehicles which allow you to watch movies while driving have been developed by companies such as Volvo. Of course, old-school cars will still exist, and these autonomous cars would be designed to look out for other vehicles.

Thanks to cloud technology and all these fancy step-ups, vehicles should be able to “communicate” by sensing each other and other obstacles along the way. Maybe one day you could cruise along the I-95 from Miami to Lake City while watching a movie!

What’s past that?

Flying cars probably won’t be around anytime soon.

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