The Most Ironic, Funny Recent Accidents


We’ve all seen our fair share of bizarre incidents on the internet. You may have seen our blog about the strangest accidents… but these are just so ironic, their stories are worth sharing and might make you snicker.

Thank You for Being a Good Neighbor

The first step in this photo is to notice the sign at the top left of the pharmacy. In Newville, Pensylvannia, around 10:30 AM on May 27th of this year, the driver of an SUV drove his vehicle into a pharmacy. Luckily, the elderly couple inside was uninjured. Thank you for being a good neighbor.

“Dunkin'” Isn’t in Reference to Cars

It seems as though this cop doesn’t understand he isn’t supposed to be dunkin’ his car into the doughnut shop. On September 19th of 2014, a police car crashed into a New Jersey Dunkin’ Donuts after colliding with another vehicle. No employees were harmed and neither of the two drivers were severely injured. Too much irony here.

Please Repair the Vehicle That Was Used to Damage Your Property

Maybe this man though that he’d get a discount if he brought this repair center some business. On January 2nd, 2014, a speeding drunk driver of an SUV Yukon crashed into a Sedan, before flipping over on its roof to slide and crash upside down into a Lone Star Collision Repair Center in Texas. No employees were injured and no other vehicles were damaged. The two passengers in the other vehicle were injured and taken to a local hospital, but the driver was uninjured and taken into custody. His name was not released, but he had previous DWI convictions.

Believe In Yourself

On October 6th, 2014, a 17-foot tall Halfords truck with a “we fit” slogan was stuck for 4 hours under a 15-foot bridge in Beckenham, London… which is indicated right above the truck. This happened again on August 22nd, 2015, when a truck of identical appearance got stuck under a bridge less than 500 yards away from the original, causing train delays. Truck drivers should know what they are operating, don’t you think? Don’t think you fit!

They May Be in Denial

These accidents are some of the few real ironic news stories that have happened in the recent years. There may be many other photos of ironic crashes- of which many are photo-shopped- these are true stories with news reports, which make them all-that-more funny.

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