South Florida and its crazy roads… You may laugh at student drivers. But odds are, they are better educated about driving laws than you are. Yes, Florida is a crazy state, and many drive with their pace, disregarding others’ safety. What ever kind of driver you are, you must have forgotten (or chosen to ignore) at least one or two of the following laws.

STOP for Pedestrians!

Those white stripes on the road? It’s not a decoration! It’s not a green light either! Pedestrians have the right of way, and you are required by law to stop for them. Yes, you can get a ticket for it. And the person that honks for stopping there? They probably can’t even notice the pedestrian, because they’re too focused on flying past every obstacle on the road.

Driving Really Close Isn’t Going to Speed Up Traffic

Tailgating. It’s all to common in Florida. For some reason, tailgaters expect traffic to speed up if they drive close enough to you. The truth is, it can only end in disaster. If the car in front of another suddenly brakes, guess who’s crashing into who? This can only end in unpleasant circumstances, because tailgating isn’t going to make anybody else speed up. Next thing you know, they’ve got whiplash symptoms, and they’re coming after you with a Miami car accident attorney ready to make you pay for your mistake.

Think you can get away with it? No, and there’s a rule for it. It’s called the 3-second rule. Watch the car in front of you pass an object, for instance a corner or building, and start counting. It should take your car at least 3 seconds to reach that same place. If not, guess what? You’re too close! It’s not just unpleasant for someone else; it’ll be even worse the day you rear-end someone. And if the weather conditions aren’t great… You can expect the worst, if it will make you stay back.

Speed Up at the Right Time for Once

Yes, merging onto an expressway can be stressful. But the point of an on ramp, which is the similar concept of an off-ramp, is to give you enough distance to reach 60 MPH, so you can merge with the same speed as the rest of traffic. You have to get into the habit of speeding up quickly, otherwise merging will only be more difficult, and you’re only going to aggravate drivers behind you. And give them a hard time to merge. We aren’t telling you to floor the gas pedal and uncontrollably fly from 0-100, disregarding the other vehicles. Just speed up and merge carefully!

Uses Left Turn Signal, Makes a Right

We’re all guilty of ignoring our turn signals from time to time. But in places like Miami and other high-traffic cities, drivers are zig-zagging all around you, swarming like bees and never letting you know any-which way that they intend to go. Does it irritate you when someone doesn’t use their signal? Hopefully you use yours. It can prevent accidents and tickets! Yes, you can be fined for failing to use a turn signal. Plus, failing to use a turn signal resulting in an accident will make you liable for it.

Stop Using My Property to Cut Traffic

Driving through gas stations, parking lots, house garages, etc. It’s all illegal. Yes, it’s tempting to cut right through that gas station to make a right instead of waiting for the light to turn green so the other four cars in front of you can move. But that’s illegal, and if you get caught, you get fined.

Yes, all these descriptions are common mistakes and are mistakes many of us make on the daily. No one is perfect- but cutting back on making these mistakes 100 times a day can turn you into a better driver- by reflex.

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