The Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections for Car Accidents in Miami: A Statistical Analysis

June 27, 2023

Photo of a car accident

Miami, Florida is a beautiful place, rich in cultural diversity and filled with fun things to do. It is also one of the most dangerous places to drive a car or walk across the street. 

The government spends quite a bit of money figuring out where most accidents occur and why. Personal injury attorneys, insurance adjusters, and law enforcement agencies need to know which intersections have the highest rates of accidents in the cities where they do business.

Understanding what causes accidents at an intersection can help municipalities make their roads safer. Traffic accident statistics can help insurance companies know how much risk they take when they insure people in certain areas. The same statistics can help personal injury attorneys get their clients the most compensation possible. Statistics can also let a law enforcement agency know where to place the most traffic officers. 

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Whether you are a visitor or a resident, it is a good idea to know what streets to avoid and what makes certain areas of town more dangerous for driving than others.

Miami Car Accident Hotspots

Miami is known For its high rate of traffic accidents. Some intersections in Miami are the most dangerous. 

The Brickell Avenue Bridge

The Brickell Avenue Bridge has so many accidents because traffic is constantly backed up. The drawbridge must rise multiple times a day to let boats through. Drivers become angry, and they often drive aggressively.

Dade and Alton Road

The intersection at Dade and Alton Road floods often. Many pedestrians use this road. Conditions can get slippery and confusing. Recently, there have been multiple construction projects at this intersection. The projects have added to the confusion.

Eighth Street and Ocean Drive 

This intersection is located in South Beach. It is a popular spot for both bikers and pedestrians. Cars are often unable to see bicyclists when they ride up from the beach. Serious and sometimes deadly accidents occur at this intersection.

SW 117th Avenue and 152 Street

There are six lanes in both directions at this intersection. People have stated that the signage is too small and that the lettering on the signs is difficult to read and understand. 

NE Second Avenue And 36TH Street Midtown Miami

Between the railroad track and the three roads coming together, this intersection has a lot going on at all times of the day. It is a very confusing place to drive. The lights are not timed very well, and people in a hurry often try to run red lights. 

87th and 36th Street

This intersection is located in Doral. It is considered dangerous because of how unpredictable traffic is there. Pedestrian traffic is also hard to predict. Many accidents have happened here. 

117th and Kendall Drive

Many people live and shop near this intersection. There are several large highrise buildings and shopping centers here. People are always going in and out of the parking lots. If a driver is not paying attention, it can make things very dangerous.

NE Sixth Street and First Ave 

This intersection is right near the American Airlines arena. Many people travel through it each day, sometimes after having too much to drink at the stadium. Accidents here are often fatal.

Pines Blvd and South Flamingo Road

Not only is this intersection one of the most dangerous in Miami, but it is also one of the most dangerous in Florida. The intersection itself is not well thought out. Flamingo Road has six lanes, and Pine Bluff has only four, making turns confusing and hazardous. 

SR-9 and Sw 7th Street

From 2009 to 2019, six people lost their lives at this intersection. The intersection is busy most of the day. Several small shopping centers with large parking lots on both blocks mean constant traffic coming in and out. 

Who Determines Which Roads Are the Most Dangerous?

Several organizations regularly compile traffic accident statistics. They include The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department, The National Highway Safety Administration. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics also analyzes the safety of roads in the United States.  

The organizations use several different methods to compile Miami car crash statistics. 

When there are excessive accidents at a corner, organizations that analyze traffic accident statistics will look at Miami car crash data and try to determine the cause of the problem.

Examples of How Traffic Accident Data Is Used

Let’s say there are many T-bone accidents at an intersection where there is no stop sign. The FLHSMV might determine a need for a stop sign. If there is already a stop sign at the intersection, the FLHSMV might determine that the Intersection needs a traffic light. If the intersection has traffic lights, or accidents, a more sophisticated light system Is likely to be necessary. 

Safety experts will look at the time of day the accidents are happening and the speed at which the vehicles involved in accidents traveled. If the accidents take place mostly at night, there may be a need for brighter street lights. If the majority of drivers who were involved in accidents were driving the speed limit, the speed limit should be lowered. If many drivers were speeding, the intersection will probably benefit from a stronger police presence. 

How Miami Traffic Accident Analysis Is Used

A concerned citizen or the FLHSMV itself will take the information they discover to the city council. The city council will vote on whether or not to make improvements to that corner.

The city has a limited budget with only so much money allocated to improving roads. Miami is a big city with multiple dangerous intersections. Even when the need for improvements is established, it can be challenging to get the money for stop signs and lights.

Education may be the key to making an intersection safer. A private organization or the city can put out pamphlets, videos, or write a press release about Miami intersection safety. 

How Attorneys Use Miami Road Safety Statistics

When a person is injured in a crash, they need a Miami personal injury attorney to help them communicate with their insurance company and get the money they need to pay their accident-related bills.

In the state of Florida, a person’s own insurance company must pay the medical bills of its clients, no matter who is responsible for a traffic accident. The driver who causes the accident must pay for repairs to any property they have damaged.

Insurance companies do not like no-fault rules because they have to pay their client’s medical bills for each accident that they have. 

An insurance company wants to hold on to its money. They might say that a driver who held one of their insurance policies drove recklessly at the time of the crash and should not receive compensation for their injuries.

An attorney can use accident statistics to prove that their client was not driving recklessly, even if they were at fault for an accident. For example, if a certain intersection has a copious number of accidents a year, the attorney can argue that the intersection itself was very dangerous and confusing and that their client was not driving recklessly but was simply unsure of what to do.

Wrongful Death Cases

Although Florida may be a no-fault state when it comes to auto insurance, a person who causes a car accident can still be held responsible if they cause the death of another person.

Accident statistics are often used in wrongful death cases. If there are multiple traffic accidents at a certain intersection, it could be because the road itself is poorly designed. The configuration of the lanes may be confusing or force cars to make a very sharp turn. 

The lighting system might not give pedestrians enough time to walk across the street. If a pedestrian gets hit by a car at such an intersection, the decedent’s family may be able to sue the city.

Traffic statistics are also used in cases where auto manufacturers are at fault. If a certain model of car is involved in a large number of accidents, an attorney may argue that the car itself is unsafe. They can sue the auto manufacturer.

If you are new to Miami or if you just want to improve your chances of not having an accident, it is a good idea to read the occasional Miami Traffic Safety Report. Because the streets are so dangerous, many newspapers and TV stations do reports on Miami Car Accident Trends.

Driving in Miami can be dangerous. The attorneys listed on the 1-800 directory are trained negotiators and litigators. If you are injured in an accident, visit our site to find representation.