8 Tips

  1. Never pass a a school but with its stop sign pulled out; this means students are exiting the bus. In Florida, the first offense for passing a stopped school bus is $165 if it is on the left of the bus. The second offense within 5 years is a $165 fee plus license suspension for 90 days to 6 months. The fine for passing a school bus with its stop sign displayed on the side which the children are exiting the bus is $265 on the first offense and $265 plus license suspension for 180 days to one year, plus a mandatory court hearing. Each offense costs your 4 points off your license.
  2. When you hear an emergency siren and see flashing lights, pull over to the right side of the road if you can. Otherwise, pull out of their way wherever it is safe to do so. Penalties for failing to comply with Florida’s Move Over Law can result in a $100 fine, 3 points off your license, increased insurance rates, and even cancelation of insurance services.
  3. Only use your horn for emergency situations.
  4. Come to a full stop at all stop signs and look for other drivers and pedestrians before proceeding. Tickets for running stop signs in Florida range from $70 to $200, but are typically $125 plus 3 points off your license.
  5. NEVER run a red light. This is one of the most dangerous traffic offenses. A red light camera ticket is approximately $158 with no points. If the light is yellow, slow down and stop before the light turns red. If your wheels have already entered the intersection while you’re passing through a yellow light, you haven’t broken the law.
  6. Be careful when you park. Beware of the vicious tow away zone or handicapped signs. These are reserved for special parking passes. Tow trucks usually charge $50-$100 a day to keep your car in their lot, on top of the initial $100-$140 fee.
  7. Follow instructions at a parking meter; most tickets are $18 every time your time is expire or you don’t pay to park.
  8. Speeding tickets in Florida are quite costly, take points off your license, and increase insurance rates. Here are the fines for speeding in tickets in Florida (vary slightly by county):
  • 6-9 MPH $129
  • 10-14 MPH $204
  • 15-19 MPH $254
  • 20-29 MPH $279
  • 30+ MPH Court Appearance Mandatory

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