It may seem like common sense, but some drivers don’t know how to behave when they have been pulled over. This can get some in more trouble, and in more extreme cases, end in violence or a trip to the police department.If you are being followed by a police vehicle with flashing lights, pull over as quickly and safely as possible. Don’t get out of the car. Patiently wait for the police officer to approach your vehicle and follow his or her instructions.

  • Always keep your hands where the officer can see them. The best place to keep your hands is on the steering wheel. If it is night time, turn on the light inside your car.
  • Do not reach for anything unless the office asks you to. Do not reach under your seat or under your glove box, as the officer may thing you are reaching for a weapon.
  • Give your license and registration to the officer only when he requests it from you. If the officer requests that you get out of your vehicle, do it calmly without any brisk movements or gestures. Don’t say anything that may alarm or offend the officer.
  • Remain calm the entire time, no matter how frustrated you may be. Do not start arguing or being disrespectful. NEVER attempt to bribe the officer.
  • If you receive a ticket, present yourself at court and argue a case if you believe you were not treated fairly or your citation was unjust. You may be represented by a lawyer and may heard by a judge if necessary.

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