Picture of Liability Form

An automobile collision can be the worst experience of any individual’s lifetime, but as most people might find out if they are not careful, this may just be the start of a very long and tiring nightmare which might end with you getting completely ripped off by your insurance company. Always remember that only the smoothest talkers around are hired as insurance agents and in the post-accident times, your insurance company will send a lot of these people along with a lot of documents for you to sign and these hasty individuals might talk you into signing the documents before you even have the chance to properly read them and you might be scammed into bringing a whole world of problems and disadvantages to your doorstep.

These documents are usually authorizations and releases of vital issues such as:

  • The Medical Authorization Release – Enables the insurance company to go through your personal medical history and use anything they can find against you to take your insurance benefits away from you.
  • The Release of All Liability and Claims – Frees the insurance company of all kinds of responsibilities.
  • The Property Damage Release (Cheque) – Depending on the amount of damage to your vehicle, you’ll either receive a release (cheque) or have it repaired. Having it repaired will always come to your disadvantage.

Here are three things that you should always do when your insurance agent comes home with these documents:

  • Never Sign on Spot: It’s absolutely imperative that you do not do so because with the short amount of thinking time that you get before signing, you are bound to make a mistake.
  • Sleep On It: Once you decline to sign the document on spot, you can keep a copy of the document and promise to drop it off to the office after you are done with it. Go through the document multiple times, understand each and every line and ponder about the content before you take any decisions.
  • Hire an Attorney/Lawyer: Certain legal terms and conditions kept within the documents can be difficult for the ordinary mind to understand, in such cases, always hire an attorney/lawyer to advise on what you need to do.
  • Call us: If you are still not sure of what to do or need help understanding the documents that your insurance company sent, without spending a lot of money in the process, just call us at 1-800-Injured and we will be happy to assist you in the best possible manner.