Car accident? Not sure what to do? We’re here to wipe away your worries. Here are the top reasons why it’s important to get an attorney after you’ve been injured in a car accident in Florida.

The clock is ticking

In most states, there is a limitation as to how long after an accident you can file a claim. The cut-off in Florida is among the shortest; if you wait past the first two weeks after your accident, you lose the right to all your benefits. This can leave you stuck with all the post-accident costs, including repairs, medical bills, and more.

Insurance companies will take advantage

Insurance companies are a business, not a charity. Their goal is to give you the minimum, even when you need help. Many people don’t know what their coverage includes or the extent of their benefits. Lost wages, car rental, emotional distress; these are all factors which are often ignored by insurance companies, and overlooked by regular attorneys.

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