Types of Car Accidents

Being involved in a car accident can be absolutely devastating, whether you are the driver or the passenger. Unfortunately, Florida has the highest instances of car accidents in the country, meaning that you are at a greater risk every day you pull out of your driveway than if you were in another state. That is why 1-800-Injured works so hard to keep a large network of personal injury attorneys available for you at all times.

If you were involved in a car accident that someone else caused, and you suffered from injuries, then you may be able to collect additional compensation through a settlement or a personal injury lawsuit. When you are dealing with the other driver’s car insurance, you can be certain that the settlement amount that they offer you is nowhere near what you deserve. With the help of an attorney that you are connected with through our network, they will be able to handle any and all negotiations directly with the company, and will then ultimately choose if a lawsuit is the appropriate next step for you.

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Read more below about the different types of car accidents that are common in Florida and contact us as soon as possible to get access to experienced personal injury attorneys in your area. Keep in mind that this is only a sample of car accidents that you are at risk of being involved in, and we understand that no two accidents are truly alike.


A rollover accident can occur in any number of different situations, but ultimately the car turns over completely, either once or many times. You can imagine why wearing a seatbelt is extremely important to avoid additional injuries in this type of accident (and all accidents). There are a lot of different factors that lead to this type of accident, and many can happen without a second car involved in the collision. The injuries in this type of accident are very unpredictable because of the violent nature of the situation, but serious damage or even death can occur.

Rear-End Crash

A rear-end crash is extremely common in Florida, and although they can happen anywhere, most commonly occur at intersections or because of the front driver braking suddenly. While these accidents are not always caused by distracted driving, it is important to keep your eyes on the road at all times to ensure that you do not drive into the vehicle in front of you by accident. Regardless of the speed of these types of crashes, whiplash is an extremely common injury among the variety of other injuries someone can experience.

Head-On Crash

A head-on collision can be extremely dangerous and damaging to everyone involved because the force of the accident is essentially doubled by the fact that there are two cars heading in opposite directions directly into each other. Even at very low speeds, these types of accidents can be extremely harmful. These types of accidents can easily cause death at speeds that would have otherwise had a much lower risk because of the nature of the collision.

Side Impact (T Bone) Crash

A side impact can happen if a car drives through an intersection without properly yielding or stopping, colliding with a car that fails to use turn signals, or many other situations. In these accidents, there is a high chance of whiplash because the passengers of the vehicle are thrown at a strange angle that can do serious damage to the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the neck. In addition, lacerations and broken bones can also be very common in these accidents.


A sideswipe is when two cars are moving in the same general direction and collide with each other. This could be because of a misstep while merging, drifting across lanes, or many other things. The collision itself may not cause serious damage given the relatively low force of the impact, but the reaction of each driver can then possibly cause additional accidents. Passengers on the side of the collision are at risk of serious injury to their arm if it is out the window, as well as lacerations from broken glass, and other injuries depending on the situation.

Single Vehicle Crash

Single vehicle crashes are ones that only involved one vehicle. These can be caused by distracted driving, animals in the road, dangerous road conditions, or many other situations. According to the NHTSA, rollover fatalities are most common in single-vehicle crashes. Drivers may be at higher risk of a single-vehicle crash if they are intoxicated, distracted by a cellphone or radio knobs, or tired at the wheel. However, drivers who are injured or killed in a single-vehicle crash are not automatically at fault for the accident, and it is important that you explore all of the details available to ensure that you get the justice that you deserve.


A hit and run is extremely frustrating to be involved in, because you do not have another driver that you can simply exchange insurance information with. These situations involved extensive police reports, investigations, and some additional steps that you will need to take with your own insurance company. In the best outcomes, law enforcement is able to locate the other driver and determine that they not only were involved in the crash but left the scene of the accident as well. Drivers may decide to flee for a variety of situations, including things like drunk driving, driving without a license, operating a stolen vehicle, and many other things. Regardless of their motives, your personal injury lawyer will work to get you the money that you deserve after a crash like this.

Distracted Driver Crash

Being involved in a crash with a distracted driver can be very frustrating, because the accident may have been very easy to avoid otherwise. Texting and driving is a major issue on American roadways, and victims of these accidents will be rightfully angry that the other driver made such a careless decision to put everyone else on the road at risk. During your personal injury lawsuit, the other driver’s distraction will certainly be a central issue while proving fault.

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