Left-Turn Accidents

Car accidents are complicated and frustrating, and even in a situation where it seems like an easy case for you to collect the damages that you truly deserve, it might not always be so easy. When you find a personal injury attorney through the trusted referral network that 1800-Injured has, you will be able to address this seemingly simple, but oftentimes complex, issue before moving forward to seek the money that you are owed for your injuries. This is especially important if you were in the car taking a left turn, but you were not at fault for the crash. Insurance companies will automatically assume that it was your fault, and therefore, it is up to you to prove otherwise.

1800-Injured is a referral network that connects people with trusted, vetted car accident attorneys in Florida who are ready to take their case today. Finding the right lawyer for your case can sometimes be extremely stressful and time-consuming, which takes away from your priorities of healing and getting your life back in order after a traumatic event like a car accident. Instead of leaving the entire selection process up to yourself, we decided to make this network to help people find experienced lawyers through a trusted referral process.

Read more below about the complexities of left-turn accidents and personal injury lawsuits, and why it is important that you work with an attorney while you are attempting to collect the damages that you are owed. Even in a situation where it seems extremely straightforward, you may find yourself running into unforeseen roadblocks that can seriously impact your case in a negative way. Contact us now to learn about how you can get connected with an attorney in your area.

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What is a Left-Turn Accident?

A left-turn accident happens when a vehicle is at an intersection, either three or four ways, takes a left turn into oncoming traffic, and is struck by an oncoming vehicle. Because of the nature of this accident, it is generally assumed that the driver taking the left turn is the driver who is at fault, because the oncoming vehicle should have had the right of way to continue straight at the posted speed limit. While this is often true, there are many situations where it may not be the case and must be explored with more detail to determine who was actually at fault.

During a left-turn accident, the passengers on the right side of the vehicle are often the ones most directly impacted in the car taking the left turn, since the vehicle is struck on the side facing the oncoming traffic. Everyone on the left-turning vehicle will be jerked from side to side, or at an angle that goes directly towards and then away from the vehicle they are colliding with. To the vehicle traveling straight through the intersection, the impact will come from head-on. This will trigger the airbags, snap the passengers’ heads straight forward and then back, and can cause a variety of other injuries that resemble a head-on crash.

Injuries in a Left-Turn Accident

Like any other accident, a left-turn accident is entirely unique to the situation at hand, and the injuries that everyone involved will sustain is entirely dependent on the thousands of variables present. Speed is a major factor, as well as the size difference in the two vehicles. A truck colliding head-on with a Smar Car taking a left turn will clearly cause more damage to the smaller vehicle, whereas a motorcycle driver involved in an accident will sustain more injuries than someone in a full vehicle.

In addition, there are many other factors at work than simple size and speed differentials. The angle of the collision, the passengers in the vehicle, the safety mechanisms in each vehicle, and much more all play a key role in the injuries that someone might sustain.

Some common injuries in a left-turn accident include the following:

  • Whiplash
  • Lacerations
  • Severe bruising
  • Head injuries, concussions, and other traumatic brain injuries
  • Fractures
  • Hematoma
  • Internal bleeding

Seeking Damages In a Left-Turn Accident

The first thing that your attorney will set out to do is determine and prove fault for the accident. Once it has been proven that you were not responsible for the crash, they will set out determining the full amount of damages that you are owed. At first, this will take the form of a negotiation process with the insurance company. If they are unable to reach a fair settlement agreement with the insurance company, then they will move to a full lawsuit.

Determining the full amount that you deserve is a complicated process, and insurance companies rely on your ignorance of these complications to hope that they can settle directly with you for minimal losses. However, when you are being represented by an experienced attorney with a history of representing car accident victims in Florida, they will be able to determine and argue for the true amount you deserve. Take a look below at some of the key factors of this total amount.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the foundation of a personal injury lawsuit because they lay out the measurable financial impact that the accident has had on the victim’s life. They include things like medical bills, surgery and recovery costs, and anything else related to treating the injuries. In addition, they address things like lost wages, any paid time off or sick leave that the victim had to use, or any possible short- and long-term disability or diminished earning capacity as a result of the injuries. These types of damages are simply calculated and then submitted as the total amount requested. In most cases, the victim’s insurance company is the first to receive compensation.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages address the “intangible” impacts that an accident and the resulting injuries have on a victim’s life. They are more complicated to calculate since there is no agreed, measurable dollar amount, but it is important that you fight for these payments. In order to calculate this amount, your attorney will likely pick a number to use as a “multiplier,” something that represents your level of suffering to the judge and jury, and can be multiplied by the economic damages in order to arrive at a fair dollar amount. Just because these damages don’t come with an accepted market value does not mean that you don’t deserve them.

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