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A day at the beach, especially one as beautiful as Virginia Beach, is typically associated with relaxation and enjoyment, but there are several potential causes for personal injury claims that could occur.

Some common factors contributing to personal injury claims in the area include:

Car accidents: If you’re injured in a car crash and believe the other driver is at fault, you may have merit for a personal injury case. One of the leading causes of accidents nationwide, distracted driving often involves activities like texting, using a cellphone, eating, or adjusting the radio while behind the wheel. As many tourists visit Virginia Beach for vacation, this can also include looking at the GPS instead of the road ahead.

Speaking of tourists, these drivers are not well-versed in the specific traffic laws and regulations of the area they are visiting, which can lead to confusion and unexpected maneuvers on the road. This can lead to tourists making sudden turns or lane changes as they attempt to find their way, potentially leading to accidents.

Drowning or Near-Drowning: Beachgoers caught in rip currents can suffer injuries while trying to swim back to shore, and such incidents may lead to negligence claims against lifeguards or beach management for lack of warning or supervision. Accidents in the water, including drowning or near-drowning incidents, can lead to personal injury or wrongful death claims, especially if lifeguards or safety precautions were inadequate.

Slip and Falls: Slippery surfaces near the water or on boardwalks, wet sand, or debris can lead to slip and fall accidents, resulting in injuries such as broken bones, sprains, or head injuries.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents: At any beach town, you’re going to have a lot of people walking or riding bikes, and Virginia Beach is no different. Accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists can happen when drivers fail to yield the right of way or do not pay attention to non-motorized road users.

Boating Accidents: Collisions involving boats or personal watercraft (Jet Skis) in the vicinity of the beach can result in injuries and personal injury claims.

Water Sports Accidents: Injuries from water sports activities such as parasailing, kiteboarding, or surfing may occur due to equipment failure, inadequate instruction, or negligence by operators.

Beach Equipment Rental Injuries: Malfunctions or defects in rental equipment like umbrellas, beach chairs, or surfboards can cause injuries and result in liability claims.

Assault or Theft: Criminal acts such as theft or assault on the beach can lead to personal injury claims against property owners or security providers if they were negligent in providing a safe environment.

If you’re involved in any type of incident or accident in Virginia Beach that leads to injury, consult with a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer to learn what your next steps should be in pursuing a claim.

Consult with a Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

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