Scooter Accident Attorney Washington DC

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There are plenty of options for traveling around Washington DC, but one of the newest options to emerge is the use of electric scooters, which are increasingly available from companies like Lime and Bird across the United States. These scooters offer a fun and enjoyable way to see the city, get to work, or see friends without having to pay for an Uber, waiting for the Metro, worrying about parking, or hoping that your bike doesn’t get stolen. When you consider these alternatives, renting a scooter seems extremely simple! One of the benefits of the rental services is that you can leave the scooter at your destination, without needing to find a docking station or check-in area, meaning that the entire process is designed for your ultimate convenience. 

However, all good things come with a catch, and the catch with scooter usage in Washington DC is the serious risk of bodily harm, or even death, that comes with each ride. As with pedestrian and bicycle traffic, scooter riders are extremely vulnerable in a collision with a motor vehicle, and in some ways may be at an even higher risk than either, since drivers are more used to seeing pedestrians and cyclists than they are scooters. In fact, the DC Department of Transportation reported 181 accidents involving accidents during an 8-month span between September of 2018 and May of 2019.

Hire a Scooter Accident Attorney Today

Balkin Law Group Injury Lawyers, LLP is a personal injury law firm that handles scooter accidents. If you need an attorney after a Washington DC scooter accident, contact us as soon as possible. In the days and weeks after an accident, trying to find an attorney who is available to take your case can feel like an unnecessary task, one that many people choose to ignore, and instead, choose to file their insurance claim on their own. Balkin Law Group Injury Lawyers is a firm of aggressive personal injury lawyers with solid reputations. They’ll ensure that the insurance company will not attempt to intimidate or bully you into accepting a settlement offer well below what you rightfully deserve.

Read more below about scooter accidents and personal injury claims in Washington DC, and contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. Partnering with an experienced legal professional before initiating an insurance claim is one of the preferred steps that you can take in order to protect your financial and legal interests, and to start the process with the most effective approach possible. 

What To Do After a Scooter Accident in Washington DC

If you are involved in an electric scooter accident, the most important thing that you can do is remain as calm as possible. This is likely difficult as your body is surging with adrenaline and pain, but remember that anything you do now will impact the insurance claims process in the future. Your health and safety should be your absolute priority, so trying to blame a driver, argue, or take any confrontational action will only complicate matters. Every accident is different, but the following steps should serve as a good reference for the first issues that you should focus on.

Call 911

You, or someone else at the scene of the accident, must call 911 as soon as possible. Once the 911 dispatcher is aware of the incident, the location, and (if possible) some of the injuries that the first responders will need to address, they will alert the appropriate police and fire departments, as well as EMTs who are on call in the area. Accident scenes can be confusing and chaotic, but once there are professionals who can take control of the situation, the focus is then entirely on the safety of all involved.

Get Medical Attention

After an accident, you may be full of adrenaline and panic, which are both highly effective painkillers. Let the EMTs check you for injuries, and listen to their suggestions about medical care and next steps. Too often, people limp away from an accident having refused care and/or downplaying their injuries, which can come back to haunt you during your insurance claims process.

Follow Up With Your Doctor

Regardless of the care that you get at the scene of the accident, it is essential that you see your personal doctor as soon as possible. This visit is important for a number of reasons, most importantly your health, but also in order to establish a record of these injuries. If you do not have official proof of injuries that you include in your injury claim, the insurance company will likely deny line items related to them. Any opportunity to have more paperwork or proof should be taken.

Hire an Attorney

Many people file an insurance claim as soon as they have the chance, but the best way to approach the administrative side of your accident is to partner with an attorney before you even begin to consider filing your claim. As soon as you initiate your claim, every statement and piece of information that you provide the insurance company with will be examined in order to find all possible reasons to pin fault on you, or reduce your settlement amount. When you have a personal injury attorney representing your DC scooter accident, you can focus on recovering while they handle each interaction with legal understanding and experience. 

File an Insurance Claim

Once you have hired legal representation, you and your attorney will be able to move forward on your Washington DC scooter accident together. Instead of needing to worry about your legal issues, you can leave it to your Balkin Law Group lawyer while you focus on your recovery. Stress is shown to have a significant impact on physical wound recovery, so the more you are able to entrust to your attorney, the better. When you do not have someone who can help you understand this process, it can be overwhelming — especially as your bills are starting to accumulate and your wages are being impacted. Your lawyer will be able to set all of your expectations.