Accident on I-95


America’s “Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways” is the collection of interstate highways across the entire country that facilitates the transportation of goods and people across the entire contiguous US, as well as Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii. As of 2016, there was a total of nearly 50,000 miles of interstate highway in the system, with ongoing expansions taking place. These highways are an important way for our country to stay connected, and there are rigorous safety standards in place on a national level that are constantly evolving in order to keep everyone who uses these highways safe. However, these safety standards do not guarantee safety.

Interstate 95, known as I-95, runs 382 miles north to south through Florida, and in many places traveling on this highway can be exceptionally dangerous. Residents of West Palm Beach are familiar with Interstate 95, and likely all-to-familiar with seemingly constant accidents along this stretch of road. If you have been involved in an accident on I-95 in Palm Beach County, contact 1-800-Injured today to be connected with a car accident attorney who is ready to take your case. You have rights, and if you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness on the highways, then you deserve to be fairly compensated for your injuries.

Read more below to learn about how a personal injury attorney can help you get the money that you need after an accident on I-95 in Palm Beach County, and contact us now.


According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, otherwise knows as the FLHSMV, the 2018 accident statistics for Palm Beach County were as follows:

  • Total Crashes: 26,521
  • Injury Crashes: 10,502
  • Total Individuals Injured: 15,725
  • Total Traffic Fatalities: 166

Of course, not all of these statistics took place on Interstate 95, but these numbers should indicate that all drivers are at risk of an accident at all times on the Florida roads. Knowing this information, it is important that you are also aware of how to handle yourself after an accident, and the steps to take in order to protect your financial and personal health.


Prioritize Immediate Safety

The first thing to do after an accident is to make sure that you are as safe as possible from any additional accidents and injuries. This could mean getting your vehicle to the side of the highway and onto a median strip or breakdown lane or may mean getting out of your vehicle and getting you and your passengers out of oncoming traffic. However, there are other instances where remaining in the vehicle is the safest option.

Call 911

Contact 911 as soon as possible so that the dispatcher can contact the appropriate emergency response teams to get to the accident. The 911 operator will be able to talk you through how to stay calm and determine what you should do as you are waiting for the police, fire department, and EMTs to get to the accident and begin on-site care.

Get Medical Attention For All Injuries

Whether your injuries are severe enough to warrant an ambulance to an emergency room, or if you are able to leave the accident on your own, it is extremely important that you get the appropriate medical attention. Simply ignoring an injury is very irresponsible in regards to your own physical health, and will cause issues if you need to file a claim with an insurance company for damages you have incurred. Unresolved medical issues are costly in the long run, and avoiding them will only mean that you will have to deal with complications later.

If you address your medical issues with a doctor as soon as possible, you will have the double benefit of getting the help you need while establishing a clear paper trail that will be helpful through your claims process.

Hire an Attorney

Once your immediate medical concerns are settled, contact a car accident attorney in West Palm Beach as soon as possible. When you have an experienced lawyer representing you through the entire process, you can proceed with confidence knowing that each decision they make is with the intention of getting you the money that you rightfully deserve for your injuries.

Your attorney can guide you through each step of your claim investigation, and will additionally be able to handle negotiations once the investigation is complete. An insurance company will not make an offer that truly resembles the damages that you have suffered, because their main focus is on limiting the amount of money that they pay for any given accident. Once they make their initial offer, your lawyer will step in and handle a series of aggressive negotiations to get you the money you truly deserve. If negotiations are unsuccessful, your attorney will be able to file a lawsuit and help you navigate the court case.


The sooner you reach out to the team at 1-800-Injured, the sooner you will be connected with a diligent and established attorney who is ready to take your case. With the help of a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer, you will be able to get the money that you are owed after an I-95 car accident.