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Broken Product

Each time you buy a new product and use it as directed, you should not need to worry about a malfunction, design flaw, defect, or another issue that may cause you an avoidable injury through no fault of your own. Product companies take great care in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing their products to ensure that this is not the case. Still, there are countless examples throughout history of dangerous products entering the market and causing injuries or panic. These issues are addressed through recalls aggregated and signal-boosted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Still, a recall is often in response to a number of injuries and accidents that have already occurred. 

If you or someone you love has been hurt by a defective or dangerous product, it can be overwhelming to make sense of your legal options while focusing on medical care and recovery as your top priority. In fact, many people simply file claims with the representative insurance companies without partnering with comprehensive legal representation, which only serves to benefit the insurers as they work aggressively towards a low settlement. Aside from your medical care, finding a personal injury attorney to represent your case is one of the most important things you need to focus on following this type of accident. 

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1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service. Instead of needing to search for an attorney while also trying to get medical care and focus on your recovery, we can connect you to a personal injury lawyer in your area for a free consultation. During your consultation, you will be able to discuss your situation in detail with an experienced attorney who can then help you understand your options moving forward — as well as provide past examples of similar cases they have successfully represented. 

The anxiety that comes with uncertainty about your future can be overwhelming, and can negatively impact your recovery. When an attorney is handling your legal case, you can prioritize your personal needs and make sure that you get the best chance of successfully recovering from this traumatic and painful experience with a dangerous or defective product. 

Read more about product liability cases, and contact 1-800-Injured to be connected with a lawyer in West Palm Beach.

Types of Product Liability Cases

The following are the main designations assigned to product liability cases, although there are many specific examples and types that fall under each of these categories. Whether or not you see anything that specifically touches on your situation, contact us now to be connected with a lawyer who can help you understand your situation in a legal context.

Defective Manufacturing

The manufacturing process can be extremely complicated, with various components being manufactured across the globe in different facilities before being assembled and packaged. Each of these manufacturing processes require ongoing quality control checks for a variety of issues, and will then require a final quality check before being packaged. Oftentimes these defects are caught during the multiple QC checks that take place before packaging. Still, there are many times where a defect goes unnoticed that can lead to a significant failure during normal usage of the product. 

In defective manufacturing cases, there are often lot numbers or specific models that are impacted that can help narrow down the at-risk consumers before targeted recalls are instituted. These often result in voluntary recalls available for all purchasers of the product, regardless of which batch they have purchased.

Since there are so many different participants in the manufacturing process, it can be difficult to identify the liable party along the supply chain. An experienced attorney will be able to take on this task for you. 

Defective Design

Manufacturing defects occur after the product has been designed, but what happens when the design itself has a serious flaw? Products go through rigorous design phases to ensure that there are no issues that final consumers may encounter. Still, there is always a risk that there is a use case that is overlooked or some sort of use flaw that the designers simply did not recognize as an issue while they were developing and designing the product.

In instances of defective designs, there are widespread recalls that may encourage all purchasers of a specific model or design year to return their product for a full refund, and often with additional incentives. These recalls can be a death sentence for the company as they drain their resources, paying out compensation to victims, absorbing the costs of full runs of products, and more. 

Defective design lawsuits are commonly handled through class action cases, where all claims are tried in a single case and all victims are compensated regardless of the severity of their damages. However, there are still opportunities to file a single lawsuit even while a class action case is happening, which is something you can discuss with your attorney as you begin your work together.

Failure to Provide Proper Instructions or Warnings

When a product is designed and manufactured perfectly, but the instructions or warnings fail to address serious risks that a consumer may face even with proper usage. In other cases, marketing materials may make incorrect or dangerous claims about performance or usage, such as guaranteed safety or outcomes that are impossible to achieve. Regardless of the specific information that is either omitted or misrepresented, these materials put users at risk of injury that could have been avoided if the proper information was provided.

If you have been injured due to improper instructions or warnings, it may be difficult to confidently determine that your injuries are, in fact, the result of poor information instead of your own errors, but an attorney will be able to review the materials and determine whether or not you likely have a case. 

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