There are a lot of different types of drivers out in the streets and not everyone feels the same about their cars. What type of driver are you?

The Granny

You wonder why everyone is always in such a hurry. You leisurely look to see who’s honking and why can’t they just give it a rest? You know we’ll all get where we’re going eventually, and besides, you know that happy hour at Denny’s hasn’t even started yet…

The Soccer Mom

You’re not about to let some chump cut you off just because you’re in a minivan. You’ve got a tight schedule to keep. You’re driven, decisive, and an absolute terror on the road! You were born with the right of way, and nobody’s taking your rights. More importantly, you know the rules…anybody you see speeding in a school zone better be prepared because you can memorize a license plate number in two seconds flat.

The Racer

Cars aren’t meant to hobble tamely from traffic light to traffic light. They’re meant to be driven. You don’t believe in lanes or stop signs. Other cars on the road are just obstacles on your racetrack. Red lights are finish lines and you’re getting there first. You’ve got your car accident lawyer on speed dial, and a special savings account for speeding tickets and bail money.

The Collector

You don’t love driving, you love cars. Cars are beautiful machines and yours is meant to be admired. Whatever you’re driving, to you it’s a brand new Lamborghini or a classic Mercedes-Benz 1937 540k Special Roadster and you know that you’re going to make absolutely sure that your baby is safe. If someone scratched your car, you’d file a lawsuit for pain and suffering damages. Your special toy is going on the road to blind the unwashed masses with its greatness, not get into pissing contests with some barbaric road racers.

The Pragmatist

The more people who just follow the rules of the road, the smoother the experience will be for everyone involved and the sooner we can all get where we’re going. Cars are convenient tools that keep the weather out and help you get around without unnecessary exercise. You let other drivers in, drive whatever speed seems legal, don’t bother trying to pull any risky maneuvers, since you know they just waste gas, and don’t actually get you anywhere faster.

The Multi-Tasker

You didn’t have time to eat breakfast, do your makeup, set up that dentist appointment, or get dressed this morning. In fact, doing these things in the car is a part of your morning routine. For you handling a stick shift while holding a donut in one hand and a phone in the other isn’t risky, it’s Tuesday. Common car accident injuries for you don’t necessarily require another car to be involved, and usually include stabbing yourself in the eye with a mascara brush, or chipping a tooth on your coffee mug when you suddenly have to slam on the brakes.

Whatever kind of driver you are, car accidents happen; do you know what to do? Keep our number in your phone (1-800-465-8733) and we will help you get in touch with local lawyers and medical centers in your area.

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