Problems while you’re out on the road are never fun. Let’s face it, some of us have no idea what’s wrong with which part of our car, sometimes. Here’s a few quick tips you can keep in mind if anything ever causes you to pull over.

  1. Keep the vehicle’s original manual in the car. Use it whenever you have minor issues, such as a key that is stuck in the ignition or if your vehicle won’t start. You can purchase quick DIY books for your car’s make and model from an auto store or use online tutorials.
  2. Look for the color of any fluid leaks under your vehicle. Use a white sheet or cardboard and place it under the leak. Coolant is usually bright green, and automatic transmission fluid is red. This should help you decide whether you are equipped to take care of the problem on your own or should call a mechanic.
  3. Listen for any unusual sounds when starting the vehicle, and while it runs continuously. Grinding at the start of the ignition can indicate that a starter issue is developing. A sudden, quite loud rumble after pressing on the gas pedal can be signs of an exhaust malfunction. Any new never-before-heard- sounds such as rattling or tapping can signal engine, transmission, or even brake trouble.
  4. If the steering wheel vibrates when the car reaches certain speeds, the tires may need balancing. If your vehicle isn’t running smoothly because of this or if your car rocks when it stops, the shocks or struts may be worn out. Pay attention to any new shakes and rattles.
  5. Some auto shops may diagnose your vehicle with something that doesn’t match the symptoms you have experienced. It is important to get a second, even third opinion before taking your shop to a good car mechanic. Get recommendations from friends or family to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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