Child passenger safety

There is a lot of debate about where and how to keep your kids and pets safe in the car. Here are a few things to consider when deciding where to put someone in your car that can’t make their own informed decisions.

Air Bags

Air bags are designed to protect adult humans from impact injuries like whiplash or back injuries. Young children or pets are not heavy enough and aren’t in the right position in relation to the airbag to gain any benefit from it. They can actually be seriously injured or killed by it when it goes off. For this reason you should never allow anyone but an adult-sized person in the front seat.

Adult Seatbelts

Seatbelts are designed to pin your hips to the seat while absorbing the shock of a car accident through the shoulder strap as your upper body pivots forward. A small child that’s wearing one of these seatbelts won’t be tall enough to fit behind the shoulder strap properly and could simply slip underneath it. Worse, the strap could get caught on their neck or head and cause a spinal cord injury. The use of a booster seat compensates for this by lifting the child up and placing them in the right position compared to the belt.

Distracted Drivers

If you analyze drunk driving facts you would see that distracted driving is considered about as dangerous as driving with 4 beers in your system.
Pets that aren’t restrained in a carrier of some kind might become a potential distraction to drivers if they jump into the front seats. For this reason pets should always be kept in cages while they are in the car.

Which Backseat?

If you’re using the back seat there’s also the question of which one. The one behind the front passenger seat is the easiest to see, but experts agree that the middle seat is the best place to put your car seat or pet carrier. That’s because it’s the furthest from the sidewalls of your car and allows for the most protection in the event of a collision from the side.

It’s important to always take precautions before you drive. Most accidents occur on everyday routine drives and the best way to avoid getting hurt is to develop good safety habits. That means following the rules of the road, using safety equipment properly and keeping our number (1800-465-8733) in your phone so our car accident lawyers can assist you in a critical situation.

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