Why You Shouldn’t Sign a Medical Release Form After an Accident

Insurance adjusters will try to get you to sign a medical release form after an accident, which is not something you have to do or want to do. Here are the reasons why.


Your medical history can be held against you.

The purpose of the release for insurance adjusters is for them to evaluate how much they should pay you in a settlement. They also want access to your medical history in order to see if they can link any previous medical history, conditions, or injuries to the accident, in order to reduce your settlement or completely deny the claim.

Keep your personal information private.

It is strongly recommended you speak with an attorney about your personal injury claim, and to keep any confidential information private between you and your attorney- you don’t want your insurance adjuster to have access to all your personal information, because they will try to find anything they can use as leverage to drop your claim. Your attorney will keep any personal medical information which may be irrelevant to the accident private.

An attorney has the same opponent as you- the insurance company.

An attorney will direct you through the process. They will tell you what documents you should or shouldn’t sign, and will fight to get compensation for everything you deserve, including compensation for lost wages, can rental, doctors’ visits, medication, physical therapy, surgeries, etc.

Your medical records aren’t necessary until you reach the end.

Your medical records will eventually be needed towards the end of the treatment process, in order to complete the settlement. Your attorney usually waits until you are medically stationary and your treatment process is complete.

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