Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Worker at construction

Getting hurt while you are on the job can have a serious impact on your personal and professional life alike, especially if your injuries are such that you are unable to resume your normal workload immediately. In these instances, it is likely that your income will take a hit at the same time that your medical bills and other injury-related expenses will start to mount, an understandable recipe for overwhelming stress. Fortunately, you are likely covered under workers’ compensation, a no-fault insurance policy provided by your employer that will get you the economic compensation that you need to move on with your life with financial support.

Workers’ compensation claims are typically less complicated than personal injury claims for a variety of reasons, most importantly that this is a no-fault policy that provides compensation regardless of whether you caused the accident or not, and also protects your boss from liability in the event that they created an unsafe work environment that led to the accident. The fact that you are guaranteed coverage even if you are at fault is a great benefit to these types of policies, but it also means that you are unable to seek compensation for non-economic damages like pain and suffering. 

Hire an Attorney For Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Today

1-800-Injured is available to help you connect with an attorney who is ready to help you file your claim as soon as possible. Since workers’ compensation is a no-fault policy, and because there are fewer complicated steps than a personal injury claim, many people believe that there is no need to work with a lawyer. However, the reality is that any time you are seeking compensation from a company, you will benefit from the support of a legal professional to ensure that you get everything that you deserve. 

Read more below about some general information regarding workers’ compensation claims, and why an attorney is the top ally that you can have through this process. When you are ready to take the next step, contact 1-800-Injured to be connected to a vast network of lawyers who are available to help you through this process today.

The Difference Between Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury

Technically speaking, there are many differences between personal injury claims and personal injury claims, but the following are just a few of the most obvious and non-technical differences that you will quickly recognize.


A workers’ compensation policy is insurance for the employer as well as the employee: when an employer is covered by this policy, it protects them from liability in the event that one of their employees is injured due to the employer’s negligence, such as unsafe work conditions. At the same time, employees are protected under the policy even if they caused their own injuries due to recklessness or negligence. These limitations can be frustrating in many situations, but the reality is that this type of policy is a win-win for everyone involved.

No Non-Economic Damages

One of the major drawbacks, from a victim’s point of view, to a workers’ compensation policy is that there are rare instances where a victim can seek non-economic damages in an accident that is covered by workers’ compensation. Typically these policies are intended to cover economic damages like lost wages and medical bills and do not extend to things like pain and suffering. However, there are some cases where you and your attorney will be able to identify a third party who is responsible and is not protected by the workers’ compensation policy.

Considering Third Party Liabilities

In the rare event that there is a third party who is liable, either entirely or partially, for your accident, then there may be an opportunity to seek non-economic damages and additional compensation from them, either in tandem with or separate from your workers’ comp claim. This is one example of when working with a lawyer is exceptionally important, as it is less likely that you will recognize this situation and your rights beyond the bounds of your employer’s workers’ comp coverage. 

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