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Cheyenne, the capital city of Wyoming, is known for its Old West charm and modern amenities. It’s an incredibly popular place to visit for vacation, because it offers something for everyone. In fact, in addition to the 65,000 locals, it also sees about 2 million visitors a year.

Yet, it also sees more than its fair share of personal injury claims. This is because, while Cheyenne can be fun and beautiful, it can also be dangerous.

Common Causes for Personal Injury Cases in Cheyenne

Tourists who are unfamiliar with local traffic rules: Tourists are not well-versed in the specific traffic laws and regulations of the area they are visiting, which can lead to confusion and unexpected maneuvers on the road. This can lead to tourists making sudden turns or lane changes as they attempt to find their way, potentially leading to accidents. As well, many tourists rent vehicles while traveling, and they may not be entirely familiar with the handling and dimensions of the rental car. All of this combines for an increased likelihood of car accidents.

Distracted driving: Tourists may be more likely to be distracted while driving, as they might be looking at maps, GPS devices, or trying to take in the sights around them, taking their attention away from the road. It isn’t to say only visitors cause car accidents because they aren’t looking at the road. Even locals have been known to look down at their phone too often!

Winter weather: Snow reduces traction on the road, making it easier for vehicles to slide or skid. Second, reduced visibility due to snowfall and blowing snow can hinder a driver’s ability to see the road and other vehicles clearly. Snow can also accumulate on the road, leading to icy patches and uneven surfaces. Additionally, Cheyenne’s winter weather can lead to more slip-and-fall accidents on icy sidewalks and entryways. 

Impaired driving: Some drivers engage in alcohol or substance use in Cheyenne, impairing their judgment and coordination. This can result in an accident if a driver chooses to drive around the streets of Cheyenne under the influence. If you’ve been hit by an impaired driver, you more than likely have a personal injury case.

Falls or other injuries related to the hospitality industry: Tourism-related personal injury claims arise when tourists sustain injuries during their trips, often due to accidents or incidents that occur while participating in activities or using services owned by a private company. These claims can result from various factors, such as accidents during recreational activities, slip and falls at hotels or resorts, transportation mishaps, or even food poisoning from dining establishments. These personal injury claims typically involve seeking compensation from the responsible parties, which may include tour operators, hotels, transportation providers, or other entities within the tourism sector, often based on negligence or breach of duty to ensure the safety of tourists.

If you’ve recently been injured, a Cheyenne personal injury lawyer can help you fight for compensation. Contact 1-800-Injured. We are a medical and legal referral network and can connect you to an attorney who is able to handle your case. 

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