Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Bloomington

Bicycle accidents are not uncommon, sadly. Several factors contribute to bicycle accidents. These include distracted driving by motorists, failure to yield the right of way, speeding, impaired driving, inadequate cycling infrastructure, poor road conditions, visibility issues, and the lack of awareness or understanding between cyclists and motorists.

Photo of a Broken Bicycle

Understanding a Bicycle Accident Claim

Bicycle accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, ranging from minor scrapes and bruises to more severe injuries like fractures, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, or even fatalities. The vulnerability of cyclists on the road makes them more susceptible to serious injuries in accidents involving motor vehicles.

If you have been hurt whilst biking due someone else’s reckless behavior or lack care on their part, a lawsuit focusing on personal injury might be viable grounds for seeking damages against them. Here are important points worth considering:


Typically, negligence must first be established before any compensation can be sorted out via litigation. You’ll need to show that the other person involved in the collision failed to exercise reasonable care while operating their vehicle which directly resulted in a crash incident. 


It’s also essential when pursuing legal actions involving personal injury lawsuits that damages have been directly incurred as a result of these events. These costs might include medical expenses related to the physical injuries you sustained, loss of income due to missed work, or emotional distress caused by the incident. 

Comparative Fault

It is not uncommon for accidents involving more than one individual(s) to have varying degrees of blame attributed to each participant. The legal connotation used here is “comparative fault ” and it may reduce your payout amount depending on how much responsibility was assigned to you in court proceedings. 

Insurance Coverage 

If the person who hit you has insurance, their insurance policy may provide coverage for your injuries and damages. You may need to file a claim with their insurance company and negotiate a settlement. If the at-fault party does not have insurance or is underinsured, you may need to explore other avenues for compensation. A lawyer will help you in both of these avenues.

Statute of Limitations 

It’s important to be aware of the statute of limitations, which is the time limit within which you must file a lawsuit. It’s crucial to consult with an attorney promptly to protect your rights.

To determine the best course of action and understand the specific legal options available to you, it is advisable to consult with a personal injury attorney who can evaluate the facts of your case, advise you on the relevant laws in your jurisdiction, and guide you through the legal process. There are attorneys who specialize in bicycle accidents.

What a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Will Do

In the event of a bicycle accident, it is important for individuals to consider seeking legal counsel from a bicycle accident lawyer in Bloomington. Here is why:

Reason #1: Understanding Legal Rights 

A bicycle accident attorney will help injured riders comprehend their legal rights under Minnesota personal injury laws. When it comes to your injuries – no matter how large or small – hiring an experienced lawyer could be crucial in securing fair compensation for medical expenses, as well as lost wages and rehabilitation costs. 

Reason #2: Maximizing Compensation

With their knowledge of the law surrounding personal injury claims and our state’s various law complexities, your lawyer will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Having someone represent injured parties bestows far greater chances at receiving adequate remuneration than without. 

Reason #3 Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies representing the driver who injured you may try to minimize their liability or offer settlements that are inadequate. Having a bicycle accident lawyer in Bloomington can help level the playing field, negotiate on your behalf, and protect your interests.

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Deciding whether or not to seek legal representation for a potential injury claim requires careful consideration. Serious injuries and complicated disputes typically demand expert guidance in order to maximize your chances of receiving fair treatment and appropriate compensation. 

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