Special Hazards: Trucking Zones around Tampa

Tampa Bay

Commercial truck drivers are excellent drivers, and are held to a higher standard than passenger drivers. The reasons for these higher standards may not surprise you: commercial drivers spend more time behind the wheel, transport valuable goods, and are operating vehicles that are significantly more dangerous than a standard vehicle.

It is important that you understand the additional risks when you are driving around commercial trucks, and be sure to adhere to all safety and regulatory standards designed to keep you and other drivers safe, especially in these zones of additional hazards.

If you are ever in an accident with a commercial truck, it is important that you contact an experienced truck accident attorney before you begin to deal with the commercial insurance claims process, as they are far more complicated than the insurance claims process for a commercial vehicle, and involve a lot more documentation. In addition, some of these policies could be over $1 million, meaning that you will be dealing with lawyers who will work aggressively to keep their expenses low when settling your claim.

Added Hazards of Commercial Trucks

There are many hazards on the road all the time, and while driving near an 18-wheeler, semi-truck, bus, or other commercial truck does not mean that you are at a greater risk of an accident, it does mean that accidents can be more serious. A few factors that lend to the increased severity of accidents are as follows:

  • Heavy loads on large trucks mean that they can not stop as quickly
  • Tired drivers after long drives can have delayed reactions
  • Uneven loads on the back of flatbeds can make trucks respond strangely
  • Some commercial trucks transport hazardous material such as propane, and can add greater risks to an accident
  • Large trucks have bigger blind spots, and can see less of the lanes behind and next to them

Remember that CDL-licensed drivers are excellent drivers, and are held to much higher standards than a private driver. That said, it is important that you understand the aforementioned risks.

Hazardous Trucking Zones Around Tampa

Tampa, like many major cities in Florida, sits along many major shipping roads and highways. This means that there is a higher frequency of trucks under load moving along these roads, and therefore a greater risk of collision with one. A few of the areas to keep in mind are the following:

Port Tampa Bay

Port Tampa Bay is a major shipping port on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and therefore has a lot of commercial trucks coming and going to receive and deliver loads to freighters at all times of the day.

Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport receives a lot of freight from carriers such as UPS, Fedex, and other private shipping companies. Throughout the day, there will be many commercial vehicles delivering or receiving freight to be taken to their next processing facilities or final destinations.

Interstate 275

Interstate 275 is one of the busiest major highways in and around Tampa, and it constantly traveled by commercial trucks taking goods to and from Tampa. Be sure to keep aware of surrounding trucks, and to stay out of their blind spots as often as possible.

Veterans Expressway (FL 589)

This is one of the main routes into and out of Tampa International Airport, and is nearly always very busy with passenger and commercial traffic. It’s important that you are comfortable driving around trucks to travel comfortably along this expressway.

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